Welcome to the Berkeley City College Ombudsman Services


Berkeley City College is committed to an educational environment that is free from interference and disruption, and that fosters equity and mutual respect. Most concerns, complaints, grievances or disciplinary matters should be resolved at the campus/district level.


The Ombudsperson is here to listen in a safe setting about your issues and concerns at Berkeley City College and confidentially discuss interpersonal difficulties, college and district policies, college bureaucracy, and conflict resolution techniques. We help you identify options so you can seek resolution.


If you have a concern or question pertaining to your issues or difficulties you are facing at Berkeley City College, we encourage you to make an appointment to meet with the Ombudsperson.


To initiate concerns and/or complaints, please contact the BCC Ombudsperson who will assist you in following through the process and procedures to resolve the issue:


Brenda Johnson
Dean of Student Support Services
Room 352, third floor
(510) 981-2830




John Nguyen
Director of Student Activities & Campus Life
Room 151
Email: johnnguyen@peralta.edu
Phone: (510) 981-2877


The following administrative processes are available to individuals who believe that they have concerns, or been treated unfairly that their rights have been violated:

  1. Peralta District Discrimination and Harrassment Policy (BCC 2015-2017 Catalog, p.296, Prohibition of Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Assault Procedures)
    AP 3435 – Discrimination and Harassment Complaints and Investigations
  2. AP 4231 – Grade Changes and Student Grievance Procedure (BCC 2015-2017 Catalog, p. 307)
  3. AP 5500 – Student Standards of Conduct, Discipline Procedures and Due Process (BCC 2015-2017 Catalog, p. 314)
  4. AP 5530 – Student Rights and Grievance Procedure (BCC 2015-2017 Catalog, p. 322)
  5. AP 5140 – Disabled Students Programs and Services (BCC 2015-2017 Catalog, p. 327)


Individuals are strongly encouraged to make every attempt to resolve matters through the appropriate administrative processes described in 1 through 5 above.