Digital Signage Guidelines


  • Please keep slides to a minimum of 1 and maximum of 3
  • Keep writing to a minimum
  • Focus on the key information:
    • Event title and/or speaker
    • Date, time, and location
  • Make sure your pictures are clear and convey a message that is appropriate for all audiences


Format and Duration of Slides:

  • Slide should be in .PPT (MS PowerPoint) format
  • The image has to be 16×9 format
  • No audio or video
  • All slides should have a timer for each slide


Timeline of Slides:

  • Please indicate how long you would like your slides to remain on the monitors.
  • If no time is requested, the slides will be kept on the monitors until the event is finished or a maximum of 2 weeks.



  • Please submit your slides to johnnguyen@peralta.edu
  • Allow 7 business days to upload your slides to the monitors


Campus Postings/Flyers/Handouts

This is to be used if you hope to have posters put up on the bulletin boards around campus or smaller handouts available in our brochure stands/front desk area.

  1. Bring your poster/flyer/handout to the following person/location:
    • Campus Life Assistant in the Campus Life Office located in Room 125
  2. Seven (7) posters is the maximum we have the capability to hang — They are located on every floor of BCC (except the first floor which is reserved for job postings).
  3. Being “approved” means that you have the stamp of approval from Campus Life, with the date that it was approved. We will take down flyers that are not approved.


* It is important to allow 3-4 business days for your information to be posted/made available to students.