SLOs and SAOs

SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes) & SAOs (Service Area Outcomes):

The LRC’s SLOs (Student Learning Outcomes):

  1. After tutoring sessions, the student will demonstrate improved understanding of subject matter and feel better prepared to transition to more advanced concepts

  2. Students will exhibit attitudes and behaviors that promote increased engagement in subject matter and greater participation in their own learning

  3. Students will be able to learn and apply various strategies for solving problems, understanding concepts and demonstrating knowledge.

The LRC’s SAOs (Service Area Outcomes):

  1. The LRC provides an inclusive, diverse and collaborative learning environment that supports student engagement and contribution to the learning and exploration of academic subjects across the curriculum

  2. The LRC provides accurate and comprehensive information to facilitate and increase student access to learning support across the campus

  3. Services and materials provided in the LRC are relevant, accessible and useful.