BCC’s Radio2050

Berkeley City College’s BCCRadio2050, hosted by CamIno from BCC’s Learning Resources Center.  BCCRadio2050 is here to create lively and engaging conversations with BCC’s vibrant community and our diverse surrounding communities to keep us all connected with the latest and greatest.

BCC Radio2050 Episode 6: Fariba Rahman, Berkeley City College 2023 transfer student. 

Our sixth episode with special guest, Fariba Rahman, who was recently accepted into UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Fariba shares her insight with the transfer process and how to make community shortly after your transfer acceptance.

BCC Radio2050 Episode 5: International Education: BCC Student, Mahiro Katoh and Director, Thomas Torres-Gil. 

Episode 5! Join us with special guests, BCC International Student, Mahiro Katoh, and Peralta Colleges’ International Education Director, Thomas Torres-Gil. We learn more about Mahiro’s path to navigating community college and how BCC’s International Education program has helped her.

BCC Radio2050 Episode 4: Sequoia Boubion-McKay.

Our fourth episode! Check out Multimedia Art Animation at BCC with special guest and BMA Animation founder, Sequoia Boubion-McKay. We discuss Sequoia’s journey to become an independent animator thanks to support from BCC’s MMArt Animation classes.

BCC Radio2050 Episode 3: Women’s Leadership Club with special guests, Club President Dharvi Jindal and Club Event Manager Parneet Virk. 

On our third episode, we discuss the club’s curation of safe spaces and the importance uplifting women, especially in leadership. Learn more about the Women’s Leadership Club’s events and campus initiatives with special shout outs to BCC staff.

BCCRadio2050 Episode 2: BCC’s Veterans Resource Center with special guests, VRC Coordinator Jeejun Bertuso and BCC engineering student and U.S. Marine and U.S. Army veteran Steven Ogbuehi.  

 Join us as Jeejun and Steven discuss the advantages and obstacles veterans face as they transition from military life to civilian and student life. Learn how BCC’s Veteran Resources Center can support veterans resourcefulness in negotiating VA benefits, community college experiences and transferring to four-year Universities.

BCCRadio2050 Episode 1: Talko Tuesday Latinx Heritage Month

BCC Radio2050’s first ever episode airs on one of our new series, Talko Tuesday, which focuses on BCC’s Latinx Heritage Month, LHM, 2022. 

Guests include

Martin De Mucha Flores, Ed.D. Associate Dean of Education Success,

Naomi Quiñonez, Ph.D. discusses blessing LHM’s opening ceremonies and her writing workshop for Puente,

Susana Praver-Perez discusses the screening of the documentary Simulacros de Liberación/Drills of Liberation with Director Juan C. Davila,

Filmmaker Ernesto Mireles and Alejandro Perez, Ph.D. Ethnic Studies, discuss the screening of the War of the Flea: The Fight for Xicano Studies.

Episode 1 of BCCRadio2050 Talko Tuesday found on:

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