Conocimiento Los Caminos

About Conocimiento Los Caminos (CLC)

The term Conocimiento means to knowledge, to know and build familiarity. Conocimiento Los Caminos is building our family with Latina, Latinx, and Latino students to support them intentionally.  We are transforming the spaces at Berkeley City College (BCC) to raise Latinx student achievement, build capacity of faculty and staff to serve Latinx students, and build community across stakeholders.

As part of Berkeley City College’s commitment to its diverse student population, Conocimiento Los Caminos is BCC’s inaugural DHSI (Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions) Title V grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Awarded in 2020, Conocimiento Los Caminos will provide services to BCC’s Latinx- and Chicanx- identifying students and other underrepresented students.

Conocimiento Los Caminos is working to support Latinx and other students of color support in retention and graduation rates by providing enhanced support and advising, transitioning from high school to community college and post-secondary education and increase outreach and retention as well as provide professional development opportunities for BCC’s staff, faculty and community centered on our HSI identity and equity.

“As a Chicana and first-generation college student, I am humbled to serve as President for a college that ensures students from all backgrounds have access to higher education with the resources they need in order to succeed”, BCC President Angélica Garcia has said of Conocimiento Los Caminos.

Project Goals

Conocimiento Los Caminos has four major goals structured around meeting student success, transfer student success, career & job placement and professional development. Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Increase the Latinx/Chicanx freshman retention rate
  • Increase the annual rate of degree or certificate completion
  • Increase BCC’s Latinx student transfer rate
  • Increase the preparation of BCC’s Latinx student employment rate
  • Increase the number of faculty participating in professional development

About CLC’s Logo:

An open process was utilized to help identify a final logo for Conocimiento Los Caminos. As part of that process, key stakeholders, including CLC students and other BCC students helped to design the final logo. The following primary factors and characteristics were identified as important to stakeholder groups when developing initial drafts of CLC’s logo:

  • Camino or road implying movement, journey, liberation
  • Element of the sun as in the future, finding brightness and community
  • Upslope as in rising or looking to the next generation
  • Shape of a circle in unity, community and together, as in family or familia

Once the Stakeholder groups identified three final designs, the entire BCC community, including BCC students, staff, faculty, and administrators were asked to weigh in and help determine the final logo for CLC. As result of an community process, the final logo for Conocmiento Los Caminos has been identified: