Integrated Planning Committee Membership

2019 – 2020 Integrated Planning Committee Members

Department Representative
Co-Chair Kuni Hay, VPI
Co-Chair Stacey Shears, VPSS
Counseling Faculty Chair or designee Susan Truong/Gabriel Martinez
Library Faculty Chair or designee Joshua Boatright
Enrollment Services Coordinator Gail Pendleton
EOPS/CARE Coordinator Ramona Butler
Dean of Student Support Services/Special Program Rep Brenda Johnson
Finance Representative or designee Shirely Slaughter
Associate Dean-Learning Community designee Martin De Mucha Flores
Professional Development Chair Susan Khan
Teaching and Learning Center Coordinator Jennie Braman
DSP&S  Counselor/Coordinator Elissa Jaw
Associated Students President or designee Max Fincke
Department Chair or designee Mary Clarke-Miller
Transfer and Career Information Center Coordinator Andrea Williams
Curriculum Committee Chair or designee Ari Krupnick
Assessment Committee Pieter de Haan
Classified Senate President or designee Felicia Bridges
Academic Senate President or designee Kelly Pernell
Classified Senate Representative or designee Jasmine Martinez
Articulation Officer Joseph Bielanski
Dean of Business, Science, Technology, and Multimedia Arts VACANT
Dean of Arts & Cultural Studies, ASL, Modern Languages, Social Sciences, and Math Lisa R. Cook
Ex-officio: Researcher Phoumy Sayavong