Mailroom/Duplicating Center

Duplicating and Mail Services

The mission of the Duplicating and Mail Services Department is to support the educational experience for faculty and staff by providing reliable, high quality equipment and services that meets the photocopying and mail services needs of the college community.

The Duplicating Center provides on-site duplicating services for a wide range of finished products. These products include, but are not limited to syllabi, exams, class schedules, midterms, BCC Messenger, flyers, brochures, handouts and more. The center also maintains the upkeep of ten photocopiers throughout the college.

The Mailroom department receives and distributes all incoming and outgoing mail. Incoming mail is disbursed to staff mailboxes on the day received and all outgoing mail is delivered to the Post Office daily. Mail Services receives all packages delivered by UPS, FedEx and inter-departmental deliveries.

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