Dr Banga will be presenting his book at the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley.


Thursday, April 28
12-1 PM – 201 Moses Hall – UC Berkeley

Brujos, espiritistas y vanguardistas
Fabian Banga
Professor and Chair, Modern Languages Department, Berkeley City College

The title is Brujos, espiritistas y vanguardistas (Witches, spiritualists and avant-garde) and was published by the prestigious Argentinean publishing house Leviathan. The book explores the representation of esoteric traditions in the aesthetic projects of the avant-garde literary movements in Latin-American and Spain of the early decades of the twentieth century. The book is based on Dr. Banga’s doctoral dissertation and is forwarded by his mentor and friend Dr Francine Masiello, professor of Spanish and comparative literature and Sidney and Margaret Ancker Distinguished Professor in the Humanities at UC Berkeley. Dr Banga will be presenting his book at the Institute of European Studies at UC Berkeley on August 28 and in different locations in Buenos Aires in June.