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American Sign Language Program Instructors

Full-time instructors:

Jenny Gough

Iva Ikeda


Part-time instructors:

Amy June Rowley

Carly Carbin

Daniel Gough

Gerardo Di Pietro


Interviews With Instructors

Ivanetta Ikeda

1. Are you deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing?
– Proudly Deaf!

2. How are you connected to the deaf community?
– I am the third generation of a Deaf family. So, naturally, I have been connected to the Deaf community since I was born.

3. Why did you decide to become an ASL teacher?
– ASL is my primary language and my passion. I want to preserve that very unique language and I enjoy teaching students ASL in its original and pure form (not bastardized signs invented by non-native signers).
– In addition, teaching ASL to students, who are not familiar with a “visual language”, is challenging and is an endless learning experience for me. Also, I occasionally learn something new and interesting from associating with students about hearing culture.

4. How many years have you been teaching ASL at BCC?
– 11 years (Time flies if you have too much fun teaching!)

5. Have you taught anywhere else?
– I used to teach art at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont.