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Thank you for choosing Berkeley City College to pursue your education.  Berkeley City College is committed to assisting Veterans, their dependents, and reservists in obtaining their VA educational benefits and in achieving their educational and career goals.  BCC is approved to offer programs that lead to a certificate, an associate degree and transfer to a four-year college or university program.

To get started with our program I recommend that you please read through this site thoroughly and download the forms below to learn more about our program.   Please read our program brochure and steps outline and be sure that you have completed all the steps outlined before meeting with the VA Counselor and/or Certifying Official.  In addition to applying for certification here at our campus you will first need to apply with the Department of Veterans Affairs online application to determine your educational benefits.  After you have received your eligibility letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs you will then need to meet with our VA Counselor  to determine your program of study and to also review all of your documentation.

The Veterans Resource Center has moved – June 2016!

Veteran Services are now available in the Veteran’s Resource Center (VRC).
The VRC is located in Room 347, on the 3rd Floor of the main BCC campus (behind EOPS/CARE area).

Fall 2016 Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

By appointment


Veteran Affairs Contact Information:

  • Jennifer Lenahan, Certifying Official
    Veteran Program Coordinator/Counselor
    Room 347 – 3rd floor
    (510) 981-5039
  • Amy Herrera, Veteran Counselor
    Room 345 – 3rd floor
    (510) 981-2960


During your consultation with either the VA Counselor or Certifying Official you will be given all the information and documents needed in order to complete your file requirements, required by the Department of Veteran Affairs, in order to be eligible for BCC’s Veterans Affairs program.  If you have any questions pertaining to your eligibility that you applied for at the VA, and/or your benefits, you must call them as we do not have access to that information.  Berkeley City College serves as a liaison with the Department of Veteran Affairs and provides only course certifications.  We do not offer any other resources, services, or any other benefits related to the Department of Veterans Affairs.  For other VA resources you will need to either visit or contact your local county Veterans Office or browse the Department of Veterans Affairs Website to learn more about services available to you and your family.  We do however keep copies on campus of the Annual California Veterans Resource Book that you can have.  You can also visit their website to view it there at: 

Below are links to download our Program Information & required documents to be filled out upon entry into our Program.


In order to determine your program eligibility you must submit the following documents below:
(You can also find out this information and more details of the program by downloading our Information and Checklist above)

Program Eligibility

We ask that you please submit the following documentation to our office in order to get your file started.

~*VONAPP Online NOBE/Eligibiltiy Letter  (If available-it is preferred to receive a copy of this letter, but not required if unable to supply us with this information.)
~DD-214 (Discharge papers) (required for priority enrollment)
~Previous College Transcripts (can be unofficial, may need official at a later time)
~An approved Student Educational Plan completed with our VA Counselor
~Photo Identification
~Matriculation requirements (Math & English Assessment Test)


~Award/Benefit Eligibility Letter (If available-it is preferred to receive a copy of this letter, but not required if unable to supply us with this information.)
~Dependent Children need to bring a copy of their Birth Certificate
~Spouses of Veterans need to bring a copy of their Marriage License
~An approved Student Educational Plan completed with our VA Counselor
~California Photo ID or Military ID Card
~Matriculation requirements  (Math & English Assessment Test)


Admission Application

Complete our Peralta Community College District Application for Admissions. You will need to complete this application online at When filling out your application, it is important that you choose one of the following as your educational goal: 1) Transfer to a four-year institution, 2) AA Degree, or 3) Certificate.

Veterans Affairs Application

It is preferred that you submit your VA application online at since it is much faster than mailing the form. You are also responsible for mailing the application if you choose to fill out the paper version. After you have completed the online application you should receive a NOBE/Eligibility letter with 2-6 weeks.  Once you have received this letter, please submit a copy to our office.

Assessment Scores

The Department of Veterans Affairs requires all students to participate in BCC’s Student Success Program (Matriculation process), which includes the completion of an assessment in Math & English, orientation, and counseling. If you have prior college credit in English, Math or have completed an assessment at another college, you may be exempt from this assessment & orientation requirement.

Other College Transcripts and Initial Evaluation

If you have transcripts from other colleges, please bring unofficial copies of all transcripts (including military service school coursework) to our VA Counselor. It may be later determined if you will need to submit to us official transcript copies; we will notify you if this is necessary.  We are required to report your previous credit and have an initial military evaluation on file for you. We cannot certify you until all required documents are received and evaluated by our VA Counselors. This information must be performed no later than 30 days from the 1st day of the semester. The official evaluation and granting of credit will be completed by the Peralta District Admissions and Records Office. All Veterans will receive six (6) semester units of elective credit for successful completion of basic training.

Student Education Plan

In order to certify your coursework, you will need to develop a Student Education Plan with the assistance of a Veterans Affairs Academic Counselor. The plan should be completed before the semester begins or within  two weeks of the start date. The education plan outlines the courses that you will take to meet your educational goal. Therefore, we can only certify the approved courses on your education plan. Information regarding prior college credit is incorporated into the education plan.


For every semester that you request enrollment certification for VA benefits, you will need to fill out an “Enrollment Certification Request Form” prior to enrolling. This form initiates your file as active. Once you have completed your first semester of attendance, you are considered a “continuing” student. You should take advantage of early priority enrollment to ensure that you obtain the courses that you need to meet your educational goal. Also, to ensure that you receive your monthly benefits on time, it’s a good idea to submit this form as early as possible.

California Fee Waiver (dependents only) and BOGG Fee Waiver

Veteran dependents are eligible to apply for a California Fee Waiver through your local county VA office or a BOG (Board of Governors) Fee Waiver from the Financial Aid Office. Veterans cannot apply for the California Fee Waiver, but they can apply for the BOG Fee Waiver. I encourage Veterans & Dependents to visit our Financial Aid Office to find out more about what you can qualify for. Please do not pay for any of your courses until you have explored your options.  Although you may receive a notification that if all courses are not paid prior to the start of the semester all courses will be dropped, please disregard this notice as all Veterans are exempt from this requirement. In order to be exempt from this you will need to please notify our office of your enrollment and we will confirm this.  You will not be dropped from your courses if your balance is $800.00 or less.

Changes in your Program of study

If you change your educational goal or want to make any changes to your student educational plan, you must report this information to us immediately and meet with our VA Counselor. A copy of your revised educational plan must be in your Veteran Affairs file here within 30 days from the date of the revision. You are also responsible for notifying us of any changes in your class schedule. If you drop or add any courses you must report these changes to us immediately or it may result in the interruption of your benefits.

Monthly Verification (Chapter 30, Chapter 1606 and 1607 Veterans only)

You will be required to verify your enrollment on a monthly basis to the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. You can do this either by phone or by internet. This initiates your monthly benefit from the VA Department. Our Veterans Affairs program here does not nor cannot report your monthly enrollment for you. We only certify you once for the semester and report changes as they occur.

It is your responsibility to verify your monthly enrollment by phone to the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs. To verify your monthly enrollment please call the following number on the last business day of each month: 1-888-GIBILL1 (1-888-442-4551) or online at:

We are committed to assisting you in maintaining your program requirements so that you do not have any interruptions in your monthly benefits. But, in order for us to assist you with this we need you to also keep us informed of any changes immediately. If you need help with this or have questions about this process, please contact our office.

As a veteran or dependent, you will be expected to comply with certain regulations established by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and PCCD/Berkeley City College. Please read our college catalog for college policies and procedures to find out more information.

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