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Berkeley City College Website/Phone/E-Mail Directory—(510) 981-2800

Street Address: Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

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Berkeley City College Website/Phone/E-Mail Directory

American Sign Language Nancy Cayton, 4th Floor, 981-2872,(Voice): 510-356-2656 (VP)
Iva Ikeda, 2nd Floor, 356-2666 (VP)
Arts and Cultural Studies Jennifer Braman, 5th Floor, 981-2904
Dr. Laura Ruberto, 5th Floor, 981-2922
Business Programs Dr. Paramsothy Thanajeyan, 5th Floor, 981-2921
Jayne Matthews, 5th Floor, 981-2913
Computer Information Systems Dr. Paramsothy Thanajeyan, 5th Floor, 981-2921
Distance Education/ Online Education 3rd Floor, Rm 343, 981-2883
Elem Teacher Education Loretta Kane
English Jenny Lowood, 5th Floor, 981-2912
English for Speakers of Other Languages Gabe Winer, 5th Floor, 981-2825
First Year Experience 4th Floor, 981-2939
Global Studies Joan Berezin, 981-2884
Mathematics Dr. Kelly Pernell, 981-5034
Modern Languages Dr. Fabian Banga, 5th Floor 981-2874
Multimedia Arts Rachel Simpson, 5th Floor, 981-2900
Office of Instruction Donna Dorsey, 4th Floor, 981-2871
Sylvia Espinosa, 4th Floor, 981-2928
Program for Adult College Education (PACE Pathways) TBA, 3rd Floor
TBA, 3rd Floor
Marilyn Clausen, 3rd Floor,
981-2880 or 981-2864
PERSIST Program 981-2950
Public and Human Services Stephanie Sanders-Badt, 3rd Floor, 981-2932
Science & Biotechnology Dr. Barbara Des Rochers, 5th Floor, 981-2887
Dr. Siraj Omar, 5th Floor, 981-2889
Social Sciences Dr. Linda McAllister, 5th Floor, 981-2998

If you need information about one or more of BCC’s student services, call —

Admissions and Registration Loretta Newsom, 1st Floor, 981-2805
Assessment and Orientation Gail Pendleton, 1st Floor, 981-2804
Bookstore 5th Floor, Rm 517, (510) 981-1120
CalWorks 3rd Floor, 981-2831
Counseling – BCC Appointments 2nd Floor, 981-5036
• Director of Campus Life Andre Singleton, 1st Floor, Room 57, (510) 981-2877
Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) – Appointments Lynn Massey, 2nd Floor, 981-2812
  • Learning Disabilities Spec.
Marisela Becerra, 2nd Floor, 981-2929
Roberto Gonzalez, 2nd Floor, 981-2826
Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) Ramona Butler, 3rd Floor, 981-2819
• Fees, Refunds 1st Floor, 981-2842
Financial Aid & Fee Waivers Loan Nguyen, 1st Floor, 981-2808,
FATV available 24/7 to help answer questions
Honors Society Membership Jasmine Martinez, 2nd Floor, 981-2810
International Students Thomas Torres-Gil, 1st Floor, Rm 151A, (510) 981-2956
• Job Board 1st Floor Lobby
• Learning Resources Center (LRC)/Tutoring Main Campus, 1st floor, Rm 112, (510) 981-2971
Outreach/Student Ambassadors 981-2858 Visit website
• Security 1st, Floor, 981-2975
Student I.D. Photos Rm 151A, 981-2858
Student Services VP’s Office Jasmine Martinez, 2nd Floor, 981-2810
Transfer and Career Information Center Johnny Dong, 2nd Floor, Rm 243, 981-2898
Veterans Affairs Jennifer Lenahan, 981-5039

If you need information about other BCC programs and services, contact —

• South Campus 2070 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
(Temporary space for BCC classes)
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College Library Joshua Boatright, 1st Floor, 981-2991
Heather Dodge, 1st Floor, 981-2964
Louisa Roberts, 1st Floor, 981-2854
Jenny Yap, 1st Floor
Circulation Desk, 981-2824
Reference Desk, 981-2821
• Marketing/Public Relations Shirley Fogarino, 4th Floor, 981-2852
• Technology Support for Faculty & Staff Visit website
• Technology Information for Students Visit website
• Website Support Theresa Rumjahn, Rm 343, 981-2883 or


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