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Berkeley City College Website/Phone/E-Mail Directory—(510) 981-2800

Street Address: Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

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Berkeley City College Website/Phone/E-Mail Directory

American Sign Language Nancy Cayton, 4th Floor, 981-2872,(Voice): 510-356-2656 (VP)
Iva Ikeda, 2nd Floor, 356-2666 (VP)
Arts and Cultural Studies Jennifer Braman, 5th Floor, 981-2904
Dr. Laura Ruberto, 5th Floor, 981-2922
Business Programs Jayne Matthews
Computer Information Systems Paramsothy Thananjeyan
Distance Education/ Online Education 3rd Floor, Rm 343, 981-2883
Elem Teacher Education Loretta Kane
English Jenny Lowood, 5th Floor, 981-2912
English for Speakers of Other Languages Gabe Winer, 5th Floor, 981-2825
First Year Experience 4th Floor, 981-2939
Mathematics Dr. Kelly Pernell, 981-5034
Modern Languages Dr. Fabian Banga, 5th Floor 981-2874
Multimedia Arts Rachel Simpson, 5th Floor, 981-2900
Office of Instruction Vice President of Instruction, 4th Floor
Staff Assistant to VPI, 4th Floor
Program for Adult College Education (PACE Pathways) TBA, 3rd Floor
TBA, 3rd Floor
Marilyn Clausen, 3rd Floor,
981-2880 or 981-2864
PERSIST Program 981-2950
Public and Human Services Stephanie Sanders-Badt, 3rd Floor, 981-2932
Science & Biotechnology Dr. Barbara Des Rochers, 5th Floor, 981-2887
Dr. Siraj Omar, 5th Floor, 981-2889
Social Sciences Dr. Linda McAllister, 5th Floor, 981-2998

If you need information about one or more of BCC’s student services, call —

Admissions and Registration Loretta Newsom, 1st Floor, 981-2805
Assessment and Orientation Gail Pendleton, 1st Floor, 981-2804
Bookstore 5th Floor, Rm 517, (510) 981-1120
CalWorks 3rd Floor, 981-2831
Counseling – BCC Appointments 2nd Floor, 981-5036
• Director of Campus Life Andre Singleton, 1st Floor, Room 151, (510) 981-2877
Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) – Appointments Lynn Massey, 2nd Floor, 981-2812
  • Learning Disabilities Spec.
Maricela Becerra, 2nd Floor, 981-2929
Roberto Gonzalez, 2nd Floor, 981-2826
Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) Ramona Butler, 3rd Floor, 981-2819
• Fees, Refunds 1st Floor, 981-2842
Financial Aid & Fee Waivers Loan Nguyen, 1st Floor, 981-2808,
FATV available 24/7 to help answer questions
Honors Society Membership Jasmine Martinez, 2nd Floor, 981-2810
International Students Thomas Torres-Gil, 1st Floor, Rm 151A, (510) 981-2956
• Job Board 1st Floor Lobby
• Learning Resources Center (LRC)/Tutoring Main Campus, 1st floor, Rm 112, (510) 981-2971
Outreach/Student Ambassadors 981-2858 Visit website
• Security 1st, Floor, 981-2975
Student I.D. Photos Rm 151A, 981-2858
Student Services VP’s Office Jasmine Martinez, 2nd Floor, 981-2810
Transfer and Career Information Center Sylvia Espinosa, 2nd Floor, Rm 243, 981-2898
Veterans Affairs Jennifer Lenahan, 981-5039

If you need information about other BCC programs and services, contact —

• South Campus 2070 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704
(Temporary space for BCC classes)
 See Map
College Library Joshua Boatright, 1st Floor, 981-2991
Heather Dodge, 1st Floor, 981-2964
Louisa Roberts, 1st Floor, 981-2854
Jenny Yap, 1st Floor
Circulation Desk, 981-2824
Reference Desk, 981-2821
• Marketing/Public Relations Shirley Fogarino, 4th Floor, 981-2852
• Technology Support for Faculty & Staff Visit website
• Technology Information for Students Visit website
• Website Support Theresa Rumjahn, Rm 343, 981-2883 or


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