LESSON STUDY: Team Curriculum Design and Reflection

Lesson Study: Team Curriculum Design and Reflection

What is Lesson Study?

Lesson Study is a team of three to five faculty members within or across disciplines that gather together at least once a month to design specific lessons for a particular set of courses (e.g., gateway courses or courses within multiple sections), attend each others’ classes to test and observe these lessons from multiple points of view, measure learning outcomes, and regroup several times as a team to revise a particular lesson and generate further dialogue around course, program, and institutional outcomes.

Each team member will receive a $200 stipend for their participation in Lesson Study.  Your team leader is required to deliver or produce a brief report that details exactly what lessons were created and revised, what curriculum design changes were made as a result of Lesson Study, and potentially how learning outcomes contributed to the design cycle.

Participants will be asked to participate in a TLC Symposium Community Event in Spring 2019. Each team is also encouraged to preserve or archive their lessons and reports in a digital site or creative commons at Berkeley City College for future generations of instructors within their respective department cluster.


The purpose of this proposal is to encourage faculty to take what they already do in smaller, makeshift groups within their departments, and create a solid institutional structure for team curriculum design and learning outcomes. As it stands, curriculum design and learning outcomes are often left to individuals to create or measure without meaningful community support. This proposal would essentially build an institutional process of curriculum design where faculty and staff are provided the time and space to do focused, meaningful work on what they do best. Finally, it has the potential of inspiring cross-disciplinary or cross-campus conversations around learning processes on an ongoing basis.

What are the required activities for team members?

  • Each person submit their own time sheet (returned via campus mail) to Dylan Eret (I’ll give them to your project leader when your project is accepted)
  • Meet at least 4 times over the year to complete all parts of the project together:

1. Schedule  an initial meeting – please invite the TLC coordinator – where you will refine your question, develop a research plan, and take a look at previously published research on the issue

2. Participate in the TLC Symposium in May 2018 where you will present your project and receive feedback from other audience members

3. Meet at least two other times whenever works for your group, to discuss existing data, plan and conduct research, evaluate the findings, and make recommendations.

What else does the leader need to do?

  • Ensure that the project is moving along on schedule
  • Ensure that all team members are included in the collaboration
  • Maintain contact with TLC coordinator and ask for support when needed
  • Submit communications on time to Dylan Eret, TLC Coordinator, at bcctlc@peralta.edu
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