About the TLC


BCC’s Teaching and Learning Center was first envisioned in 2008 as a project of the Basic Skills Initiative Committee. The center was designed to address the need for sustained, collaborative, faculty and staff-led professional development, in response to research demonstrating that the traditional “one-shot” workshop model is ultimately not effective in improving our practice. With the help of  BCC’s 2009-2014 Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant, the TLC developed a variety of programs, and the work has now been institutionalized as a vehicle for the academic excellence, collaboration, innovation, and transformation named in our school’s vision.



BCC’s TLC provides and facilitates high-quality training and resources that leverage the experience, knowledge, and expertise of staff and faculty to improve learning across all disciplines and for all of BCC’s students, regardless of background or educational preparedness. The TLC works with all aspects of Shared Governance, particularly the Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) Committee and the Professional Development Committee to identify action items and develop, promote, and fund programs.



  • Collaborative and Inclusive: Faculty and staff work together to strengthen their teaching and service.
  • Research and inquiry-based: Our work is informed by current and relevant research.
  • Student-oriented: As instructors and staff, we should always inform our research, policies, and decisions with students in mind and as participants in our research.
  • Sustainable: Instructors and staff plan and assess work in order to evaluate long-term goals and progress.

Email Dylan Eret anytime at bcctlc@peralta.edu if you want to schedule the TLC for a special teaching-related event, participate in a TLC project or activity, volunteer in your own unique way, or share some fresh creative ideas.

Reserve the TLC!

You are welcome to hold meetings and events in the TLC, Room 341.

To reserve the room:

1. Check availability by clicking this link:  Teaching and Learning Center Events Calendar

2. Email Dylan Eret at bcctlc@peralta.edu to request a reservation. Please let me know the name of your event, as it will appear on the public calendar.

Reservation Policies:

To support the goals of the Teaching and Learning Center, the following reservation policies have been adopted by the Advisory Committee:

  • In order to schedule a meeting that will require the entire main room, reservations must be made in advance (see above).
  • Priority for reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Some regularly scheduled meetings may be moved for special events.
  • Only faculty and staff may reserve the room for events.
  • Only faculty, staff, and administration may use the room at any time.
  • Please note that the TLC is not a good location for closed-door meetings with confidential content such as Tenure Review Committees or job interviews, as the Assessment/Curriculum specialist’s office is located inside, and there is some through traffic.


Are you interested in joining your colleagues in one of many collaborative TLC Projects?

Each TLC project submission will be considered on a first come, first served basis from September through April.

The TLC Coordinator will make several calls throughout the semester to invite faculty and staff to participate in the applied learning process. Each individual or project team member will receive between $250 and $500 for their TLC participation depending on the type of project.

The TLC Coordinator and/or the TLC Advisory Committee will evaluate and approve each TLC project in the order they are received. Priority will be given to new participants and part-time faculty members. All faculty and staff, new and seasoned, are encouraged to apply. There will be approximately 20-40 total stipends given for TLC projects (to be distributed at the end of each semester). For all of the projects below, TLC project participants, no matter how big or small the project is, are asked to participate in a culminating TLC Symposium Community Event in May 2018.


Dylan Eret at bcctlc@peralta.edu!


FIG (Faculty Inquiry Group) = $200 per person; $300 for group leader (20+ hours commitment, 4 meetings)

POP (Peer Observation Pool) = $200 per person;$300 for group leader

(20+ hours commitment, 3 classes)

DIY (Do-It-Yourself Experimental Project) = $200 or more; $300 for group leader

(20+ hours commitment, 3+ meetings)


 ($200 stipend per person)


FIG: Focused Inquiry Groups

2-5 faculty/staff each; September through April

  • Ask a “thorny” question about teaching and learning or other issue relevant  to success for all students
  • Gather data from  prior research and students
  • Look at data and make recommendations
  • Share findings as
    • Brief written report with data
    • Brief presentation at symposium

APPLE:  Action Plan Projects for Learning Excellence

2-5 faculty/staff each; September through April

  • Identify a need from previous FIG recommendations and/or other assessment action plan
  • Create concrete product and/or take action to meet need
  • Share project as
    • Brief written report with data
    • Brief presentation at TLC Symposium



 ($200 stipend per person)


POP: Peer Observation Pool

1-5 faculty/staff each; September through April

  • Observe three other classes for at least 30 minutes each, at least one outside of your discipline.
  • Welcome other POP members into your classroom.
  • Write up your experience as a group.
  • Participate in the TLC Symposium or larger POP event, where POP members will briefly reflect, share, and have the opportunity to connect for future projects.

DART: Discuss-Apply- Reflect –Tools Workshop

1-5 faculty/staff each; September through April

  • Meet once:
    • Leader shares a  research-validated teaching tool
    • Participants plan how to apply the tool
  • Everyone tries out the tool in class
  • Meet again after 2 weeks:
    • Share results and challenges
    • Leader reports for website
    • Participate in the TLC Symposium in March or April 2019, where POP members will briefly reflect, share, and have the opportunity to connect for future projects.

Other Workshops and Series

Please check the Events Calendar for other opportunities.


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