The Student Equity and Achievement Program supports equal educational opportunities and promotes student success, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or economic circumstance. Berkeley City College identifies and provides services/resources to address gaps in student achievement and foster academic excellence.

Utilizing guidelines from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), data is evaluated by the Student Equity and Achievement Program Committee to make informed decisions on the implementation of programs and services and to develop a Student Equity Plan. The Student Equity plan identifies Berkeley City College’s disproportionately impacted (DI) student populations and outlines goals to improve access, retention, Math and English completion, Vision Goal completion, and transfer through academic and student support services across campus.
The Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Program was established through the enactment of California Education Code 78222. It is the intent of the Legislature that the Student Equity and Achievement Program support the California Community Colleges in implementing activities and practices that advance the systemwide goal to boost achievement for all students with an emphasis on eliminating the achievement gaps for students from traditionally underrepresented groups through the following:

  • Maintain an Equity Plan to ensure equal educational opportunities and to promote student success for all students, and traditionally underrepresented groups in particular;
  • Provide services needed to assist a student in making informed decisions about their educational goal and course of study and in developing an education plan;
  • Implement activities and practices pursuant to the California Community College Guided Pathways Grant Program

Click here for official California Legislative Information on the Student Equity and Achievement Program.