Educational Master Plan 2024-2028

Welcome to Berkeley City College’s Educational Master Plan 2023-2028 site where you can view and participate in developing our College’s strategic educational roadmap for the next five years.

Berkeley City College’s current EMP was approved by the Board of Trustees on 05-23-23.

The goals of the EMP are being developed through a college-wide planning process that include extensive research and review of college and regional data, input from all stakeholders (administrators, faculty, classified professionals, and students), and other college, district, and state planning efforts.  Our five year plan identifies the College’s strategic initiatives that prioritize our commitment to increase enrollment and academic outcomes, especially for disproportionately impacted student groups.  The initiatives will also include specific goals and metrics that will measure and evaluate our progress.

The true value of Berkeley City College’s EMP comes from the input of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members.  We hope you will get involved and provide your feedback to shape a visionary plan for our work on equity, Guided Pathways, enrollment management, career education, dual enrollment, teaching and learning, fiscal sustainability, human capital development, and innovations in student services and instruction.


About This Website

This website was developed as a communication tool and document repository for our 2024-2028 Educational Master Plan project. The website charts the progress of the planning effort and provides a platform for information dissemination and input from campus and community members alike. Once the planning process is completed, the site will become a home to planning documents and progress updates. Stay informed and get involved, we want to hear from you. For more information on or provide input to the 2024-2028 Educational Master Plan, click on the links below:


EMP Steering Committee

Dr. Angélica Garcia – President
Kuni Hay – Vice President of Instruction
Andrea Williams – Classified Senate President
Dr. Phoumy Sayavong – Senior Research & Planning Analyst
Fatima Shah – Counseling Faculty
Kristiyan Klichev – Student


Managers Retreat (August 4)
Chairs Council (August 26)
Roundtable (August 29)
Integrated Planning Committee (September 8)
Campus Forum (September 19)
Enrollment Management Committee (October 11)
Mid-Term Flex Day (October 19) – DREAMing Out Loud
ASBCC (October 20)
BCC Educational Master Plan 2024-2028 Campus Forum Zoom Recording (February 3)
BCC Educational Master Plan 2024-2028 Campus Forum Slideshow (February 3)