Policies and Procedures

The Peralta Community College District and Berkeley City College policies in were developed to protect your interests while you are a student at Berkeley City College. Read through them carefully to become familiar with your student rights and responsibilities. The following policies are contained in Berkeley City College’s 2020-2021 Catalog:

  • Prohibition of Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Assault Procedures
  • AP 4231 Grade Changes and Student Grievance Procedure
  • AP 5500 Student Standards of Conduct, Discipline Procedures and Due Process
  • AP 5530 Student Rights and Grievance Procedure
  • AP 5140 Disabled Students Programs and Services
  • AP 3440 Service Animals
  • AP 3551 Preserving a Drug Free Environment for Students
  • AP 3570 Smoking
  • AP 3530 Weapons on Campus
  • AP 5052 Open Enrollment
  • AP 4210 Student Learning Outcomes
  • Student Right to Know Disclosure—Completion and Transfer Rates
  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Access to Educational Records)
  • Clery Act
  • AP 4250 Probation
  • AP 4255 Disqualification and Dismissal