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Why teach?

Have you ever considered full or part-time teaching as a career?  Berkeley City College (BCC) offers several education classes designed to help you decide.  You can teach full time or work in your chosen profession and teach part time.  There are many options.

Why should I consider teaching as a career?

More than 200,000 teaching jobs will open in the U.S. by 2016, creating a need for knowledgeable, skilled, and committed educators who are knowledgeable in both subject areas and in their fields. Berkeley City College offers two basic but essential education classes for people with an interest in teaching.

They are:

•  Education 1: Introduction to the Field of Education and

•  Education 97: Field Studies in Education
(School or Community Internship)

How can I decide if teaching is for me?

Berkeley City College’s education classes include an internship option.  You can volunteer in local elementary, middle and high schools, or for nonprofit organizations which offer after-school tutoring programs.  These will help you  to see if you feel comfortable teaching others.

You may also choose to teach part time in your chosen occupation and explore teaching part time at an adult school, community college, or university.

Where can I get more information about Berkeley City College education classes?

You may talk with a Berkeley City College counselor. Your counselor will help you choose the lower division college courses you need to meet your requirements.   BCC’s counseling offices are on the second floor at BCC’s campus. For a brochure and more information:

Phone:            (510) 981-5036