International Student Testimonials

Ms. Runsten
Transferred to University of California, Berkeley

Tua-Lisa Runsten – Sweden

“I really loved being under one roof in that beautiful building and enjoyed the   diversity of the campus. The professors were extremely passionate about what they do and wanted me to become better; the staff and student really cared about me, and I was respected and appreciated for my opinions “


Mr. Raneiri
Transferred to Harvard          University

       Mirko Raneiri – Italy 

“As a new college student, I had a lot of goals and aspirations, but I didn’t really know how to go about reaching them. Over the last two years, BCC gave me an incredible amount of resources, guidance, and help for me to realize my dreams. Now I am at Harvard!”


Mr. Nguyen
Transferred to University of California,             Berkeley

     Cuong Nguyen – Vietnam

“Along with gaining the knowledge to pursue my major, I also developed leadership and communication skills and overcame my own culture and language barrier, and I transferred to UC Berkeley. Going to Berkeley City College is the best decision I ever made.”




Ms. Wong
Transferred to             California State University, East Bay  

Melissa Wong – Mexico

“With the constant encouragement and support of my instructors, I strove for good grades and also became very involved in student activities. I knew my hard work had paid off when I had the honor of being selected as valedictorian of my class. I will never forget the opportunities BCC has given me.”



Ms. Bonvalot
Transferred to             University of California, Berkeley

Mathilde Bonvalot – France

“I chose BCC because of its proximity to UC Berkeley, but I had no idea what to expect. My professors pushed us to think on our own and not recite and we had many in class debates. After I left BCC, I felt prepared and I knew what to expect at UC Berkeley.”