Guided P​athways at Berkeley City College

What are Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways are integrated, institution-wide approaches to student success based on intentionally designed educational experiences, informed by available evidence, that guides students effectively and efficiently from point of entry through to degree completion, credentials and careers.

How is Berkeley City College engaged in Guided Pathways work?

At Berkeley City College, the Guided Pathways Design Team is facilitating a college-wide exploration of Academic and Career Pathways that will help students explore academic and career options, choose a program of study, and develop a plan based on program maps. These plans support student decision-making and target supports as needed to help students stay on track and complete their programs and educational goals.

Additionally, Guided Pathways supports several faculty and staff led, student-centered “Transformational Projects”.

Guided Pathways works with and supports college-wide equity initiatives. Guided Pathways create opportunities to examine and close long-standing equity gaps. Berkeley City College’s implementation of Guided Pathways centers equity in both design and decision-making.

Contact Information:

Guided Pathways Co-Faculty Leads

Melina Bersamin, PhD

Linda McAllister, PhD

To learn more about Guided Pathways at Berkeley City College, you can visit our Canvas Page.