Fall is Free

Join the BCC Community for Free. Zero fees for every student enrolled in a minimum of 3 units at Berkeley City College for fall 2022.*

Students must apply and enroll in a minimum of 3 units at Berkeley City College and complete the appropriate financial aid application. Follow the steps below to enroll! (Students do not need to qualify for financial aid to receive free fees.)  

  1. Apply

Complete Fall 2022 Admissions Application*. (Skip this step if you have attended BCC in the last 12 months.)

  1. Financial Aid Application

Complete the FAFSA, CADAA or California Promise Grant Application* or speak to a Financial Aid Specialist email: bcc-finaid@peralta.edu phone: 510-981-2941

  1. Register

Registration for Fall 2022 courses is now open.
Classes start August 22nd.
The last day to add a class is September 5th.

Visit one of Berkeley City College’s upcoming Fall 2022 Enrollment Workshops beginning in August into September.

Questions? Scroll down to our list of Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at: (510) 981-2800 or send us an email: bccambassadors@peralta.edu.

Who qualifies for zero fees for Fall 2022?



  • First Time College Students
  • Currently Enrolled Students
  • Returning Students
  • Recreational Learners
  • Workers Seeking Career Training
  • English Language Learners
  • Dual Enrollment High School students are eligible.
  • Students must identify Berkeley City College as their home campus on their FAFSA
  • In state and non-international Students

Fall is Free at BCC Costs Covered

Cost Per Unit $46.00
Campus Center Fee $2.00
Student Center Fee $2.00
Health Center Fee $23.00
AC Transit $42.88

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Berkeley City College?

Open a CCC account and submit an application. BCC will receive your application electronically and send updates to your @peralta.edu email account. Skip this step if you are a returning student who has attended BCC in the last 12 months.

I don’t think I qualify for financial aid. Should I apply?

Yes, completion of a financial aid application is required to participate in the zero fees program.

Which financial aid application should I complete?

  • FAFSA: If you are a citizen, or legal permanent resident complete a 22/23 FAFSA.
  • CADAA: If you are an AB540/SB 68 eligible student who is undocumented, DACAmented, a U Visa holder or TPS holder  
    complete a 22/23 CADAA
  • CALIFORNIA COLLEGE PROMISE GRANT: If you are a California resident, AB540 or AB1899 eligible student or homeless youth as determined by the BCC Financial Aid office complete a 22/23 CCPG application.

How many units can I take for free in Fall 2022?

There is no maximum number of units, and a minimum of 3 units is required for zero fees courses for Fall 2022.

What if I already paid tuition and fees for the Fall 2022 semester?

Students who qualify for Fall is Free at BCC will be reimbursed through Bank Mobile or receive a check at the mailing address in Campus Solutions. We encourage students to sign up for Bank Mobile so the funds can be directly deposited into your bank account.

What if my primary campus is Berkeley City College or Laney College and I take classes at College of Alameda and/or Merritt College?

If your primary campus is Berkeley City College and you are enrolled in at least 3 units with us, we will cover your fees. If your primary campus is Laney College and you are enrolled in at least 1 unit with them, your fees will also be covered. However, if your primary campus is either Berkeley City College or Laney College and you are enrolled in classes at College of Alameda and/or Merritt College, you must pay the enrollment fees for College of Alameda and Merritt College.

I am a high school student. Do I qualify for zero fees?

Yes. Dual Enrollment students, high school students who are concurrently enrolled at BCC, are eligible for zero fees for Fall 2022.

Do I have to be a citizen to qualify for zero fees?

No. There is no citizenship requirement for participation in the zero fees program. Out of state and international students are not eligible.

Is the college course material fee “free” as part of the zero fees program?


Is parking free as part of the zero fees program?

No, students will be required to pay for parking during the Fall 2022 semester.

I’ve registered for free Fall 2022 courses. Why do I see a balance due on my account?

Students will see a balance due on their account until it has been verified that they have completed the required financial aid application(s) to qualify for free tuition. Once verified, the account balance will be waived. Payment is not required to register for classes, however, if you do not submit a completed financial aid application by October 31, 2022, you will be responsible for any outstanding tuition or fees for the Fall 2022 semester. (All students are eligible to receive zero student fees. Students do not have to qualify to receive financial aid to qualify for zero student fees.)

How can I receive an AC Transit pass?

You must be enrolled in at least 6 units to receive an AC Transit pass. Once you’re enrolled in 6 units, please take your photo at the Berkeley City College Welcome Desk located on the first floor. You will then be able to pick up your AC Transit pass at the Cashier’s Office in 10 business days.

* Program restrictions: BCC free zero fees campaign applies to Fall 2022 enrollment only (includes late start courses). A CCC Application and a 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a 2022-2023 California Dream Act Application (CADAA) with an official Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is required. Mandatory student fees are paid under the program.