About Online Classes

What are online and hybrid classes?

BCC’s online classes are taught completely online, with all content, assignments, tests, forums, and other work conducted online on our learning management system (either Moodle or Canvas). Hybrid classes have classroom meetings about once a week with the remainder of the work performed online.

How do I know if online classes are for me?

Our online and hybrid classes allow you to complete university-transferable classes to UC and CSU as part of BCC’s Associate in Arts and Associate in Science Degrees, and our fast-tracked Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADTs). Talk to a BCC Counselor and faculty advisor to help you select distance education classes appropriate for your educational plans and goals.

How much time must I spend doing my classwork online?

The amount of time you must spend for each class varies. For example, if you have a three-unit class, plan to spend about nine hours a week engaged in online projects and studying for class.

Do I need a computer at home?

Having your own computer and good internet connection helps, but if you do not have one at home, you can use your College’s computer lab or computers at your public library to complete your online work. You can also read announcements and keep up to date in your class using your mobile device.

How do I know if online classes are for me?

You will do well in online classes if you can:

  • Use the computer.
  • Work independently with a minimum amount of classroom supervision.
  • Read and follow printed instructions.
  • Manage your time.
  • Work on your classes at home, at work, or other distance education venue.
  • Contact your instructor when you need help with the course.
  • Regularly work, complete, retrieve, and send projects and homework online.
  • Use the Web to interact and chat with instructors and classmates.
  • Work on class projects at times that best fit your busy schedule.