Online Evaluation Procedures

What is a faculty evaluation in Canvas?

The process for conducting faculty evaluations in an online class mirrors, very closely, the process for conducting faculty evaluations in face to face (F2F) classes; evaluators use the same processes, timelines, and forms. The process in Canvas is designed to follow procedures in the PFT contract 

— In an online class, a “Classroom Observation” is conducted by an evaluator visiting the online version of the class in Canvas, and completing a “Classroom Observation” form.

— In an online class, student evaluations use the same questions as F2F classes, but they are administered by an evaluator online, who has access to the results and shares them with the evaluee and the committee.

All other processes and procedures are the same as evaluations conducted in F2F classes.

Why would I need an evaluation conducted in Canvas?

Faculty evaluations are performed at least once every three years, in accordance with PFT procedures and state law. If you and your evaluator agree to have your online class used for your evaluation, then you need to submit a Help Desk ticket  request to get it set up in Canvas.

How do I request set up for an evaluation in an online Canvas course?

View the Faculty Evaluations in Canvas Instructions page for a detailed description of the three-step process.

Questions about this process?

Email Chris Bernard, DE Coordinator: