About Dr. Leighton

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Welcome to Dr. Cora Leighton’s Page!

Contact: Cleighton@peralta.edu
Office location: Room 554

Dr. Leighton teaches Communications courses for the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies. Dr. Leighton’s research focuses on community and identity in local contexts. Dr. Leighton is also the adviser for the Unity: BCC’s Gay-Straight Alliance club.

To read more about Dr. Leighton’s written or performative work, please see her performance website: www.CoraThePerformer.com

Are you a performer, an artist, a writer, or none of the above but have a story to tell? Please consider supporting the performance showcase Dr. Leighton facilitates: Custom-Made Queer.

  • The mission of Custom-made Queer is to encourage the creation and sharing of queer memoir of all kinds!
  • Each of us has a story, and the repetition of those stories can help to promote further conversation about how queer happens and what it means to be queer. Stories come in all forms—poetry, narrative, performance, photo-essays, movement, film, song, comedy, and more! Our vision is that by experiencing the complete diversity of queer auto-performance today, you too will be motivated to create your own queer performance in the future.
  • Our first Showcase was in May of 2012! We will hold showcases once a year (usually in February), so please contact us (via the facebook link above, or at my email address) if you want to share your own custom-made-queerness!
  • Students, faculty, and staff alike are highly encouraged to participate! You do not have to be a pro! This is a great way to workshop or to get your feet wet in front of an audience!
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