Getting Started in CIS

All of our computer degree and certificate programs require a basic understanding of computer concepts and software. We offer several beginning courses:

CIS 1 —Introduction to Computer Information Systems (4 units) is a full semester course which covers computer software and hardware. Lab covers Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

CIS 200 —Microcomputer Concepts and Applications (1.5 units) is an eight-week or half-semester course. It covers an overview of computer concepts. In the lab portion of the class, students may select Microsoft Word, Excel or Access. Thus, if students are familiar with Microsoft Word, they can start their lab work with Excel or Access.

Once a student has completed CIS 200, they can learn additional software in a modularized format by taking CIS 230 (.5 units)

For more advanced students CIS 5 —Introduction to Computer Science (5 units) — covers computer architecture, design of algorithms and beginning computer programming.CIS 5 is offered in fall semester.