Book Presentation: Pasolini and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade

On the anniversary of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s death, you are invited to a reading of poetry and prose on war, resistance, and revolution.

Tuesday, November 1 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Featuring: translators reading from “In Danger: A Pasolini Anthology,” (City Lights, 2010) and writers reading from the “Revolutionary Poets Brigade Anthology” (Caza de Poesia, 2010).

Tuesday, November 1st, 7-9pm, Berkeley City College auditorium

Authors & Translators include: Jack Hirschman, devorah major, Sharon Doubiago, Dee Allen, Steven Grey, Agneta Falk, Judith Ayn Bernhard, Susanna Bonetti, and Jonathan Richman


This event is part of BCC’s SORROWS OF WAR/STRUGGLES FOR PEACE Project.

Funded by a Peralta Colleges Foundation Faculty Grant and Co-sponsored by BCC’s Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and the Italian Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley.


Event celebrating the public reinstallation of Ralph Fasanella’s painting WELCOME HOME, BOYS


In 1953 Ralph Fasanella painted “Welcome Home, Boys,” a painting which depicts a post-World War II strike. Its title reflects the artist’s concern for the fair treatment of American workers and U. S. veterans returning to working life after the war. Fasanella spent his entire fifty-year painting career commemorating labor activism and progressive politics while passionately advocating for racial and gender equality.
The child of immigrants from Southern Italy, Fasanella was a self-taught painter who held jobs as a truck driver, a textile worker, a machinist, and a union organizer before beginning to paint in 1945. His paintings, with their striking use of color and bold images that often evoke his Italian and working-class background, are recognized today as significant examples of mid-century folk art and are increasingly viewed as integral to the story of American painting.
In 1990 the painting was purchased through a collaboration between a local union and the public art fund of the city of Oakland in order to be hung in a public space in the city of Oakland. Having the painting displayed in Oakland honored the diverse, working-class citizens throughout the Bay area who fought for a piece of post-World War II prosperity after fighting the war or working for years under a no-strike pledge to help the war effort.
In 2003 the African American Museum and Library of Oakland took over custodial care of the painting where it still hangs today.


Readings Underground: Author Series at BCC/Spring 2011

Readings Underground

Author Series at Berkeley City College

Spring 2011



~ Ben Dangl

Dancing With Dynamite: Social Movements and States in Latin America (AK Press, 2010)

              TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 7pm

               The BCC Auditorium (Room 21)


~ Margaret Randall

To Change the World: My Years in Cuba (Rutgers, 2009)

             WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, Noon 

              The BCC Auditorium (Room 21) 


~ Clifton Ross

Translations From Silence (Freedom Voice, 2009)

             THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 7pm

              Teaching and Learning Center (3rd floor)


~ James Tracy, Vikki Law and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

contributors to The Hidden 1970s: Histories of Radicalism (Dan Berger, Editor, Rutgers, 2010)

               WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 7pm

                BCC Auditorium (Room 21)

(download a flier here)

For more information, please email:
Laura E. Ruberto or Joan Berezin