Art Faculty

Welcome to the Visual Arts Faculty Page

Below is a list of our faculty. Check out our bios, course listings and other information on our faculty member’s website.


Carolyn Martin ~ Department Chair
Art History – Fields of Specialization: Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, African American Art, Intersections of Modern and Contemporary Politics and Aesthetics


Jennifer Braman ~ Studio Arts Lead Faculty
Art History, Drawing


Lisa Rybovich Crallé
Drawing, Figure Drawing, Anatomy, Installation Art, Public Art 


Juana Alicia Araiza
Drawing, Painting


M. Louise Stanley
Anatomy, Figure Drawing and Painting


Dru Kim
2-D Visual Design


Mark Leavitt


Sharon Siskin
Drawing, Community Art Practice


Seth Eisen
Conceptual Art, Criticism, Installation


Cynthia Brannvall
Art History


Hannah Tandeta
Art History


James Linnehan
Art History