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Assessment & Orientation Schedule

Please Note:  This schedule is subject to change.  Space is limited, and students must make an appointment.  Please arrive 15 minutes early, all sessions begin promptly, with NO LATE ADMITTANCETo sign-up for an orientation & assessment session, please stop by the assessment office (Room 121, 2050 Center Street), call (510) 981-2804.


Room 126 is located on the first floor of Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street.


Note to students with disabilities:  If you need special accommodations for the assessment &/or orientation, or need to have the assessment test in an alternate format such as large print or Braille,  please contact the Programs and Services for Students with Disabilities (DSPS) staff at (510) 981-2812 to make arrangements.


Assessment Scheduling for the Summer & Fall 2014

For practice questions go to: ~(practice exam)

April 2014     
Monday 04/07 1:00pm BHS Biotech Only
Tuesday 04/08 9:00am Session Full 
Wednesday 04/09 1:00pm Session Full                                                
Thursday 04/10 1:00pm Session Full 
Monday 04/21 5:30pm Session Full
Tuesday 04/22 1:00pm ESL Only
Wenesday 04/23 5:30 pm Session Full 
Thursday 04/24 9:00am Session Full 
Monday 04/28 1:00pm Session Full  
Tuesday 04/29 9:00am Session Full  
Wednesday 04/30 1:00pm BHS Only
May 2014    
Monday 05/05 1:00pm Session Full
Tuesday 05/06 9:00am Session Full 
Wednesday 05/07 5:30pm Session Full 
Thursday 05/08 1:00pm Session Full
Monday 05/12 5:30pm Session Full
Tuesday 05/13 5:30pm Session Full
Wednesday 05/14 1:00pm ESL Only
Tuesday 05/20 9:00am Session Full
Wednesday 05/28 1:00pm Session Full 
June 2014    
Monday 06/02 5:30pm Session Full 
Tuesday 06/03 9:00am Session Full 
Wednesday 06/04 1:00pm ESL Only
Thursday 06/05 1:00pm Session Full 
Thursday 06/12 9:00am ESL Only
Monday 06/16 1:00pm Session Full 
Tuesday 06/17 9:00am Session Full
Wednesday 06/18 9:00am Session Full 
Thursday 06/19 1:00pm Session Full 
Monday 06/23 9:00am Session Full 
Tuesday 06/24 5:30pm Session  Full
Wednesday 06/25 1:00pm SessionFull 
Thursday 06/26 9:00am Session Full
July 2014     
Monday 07/07 9:00am Session Full 
Tuesday 07/08 5:30pm Session Full  
Wednesday 07/09  1:00pm Session Full 
Thursday 07/10 1:00pm Session Full 
Monday 07/14 5:30pm ESL Only
Tuesday 07/15 1:00pm Session Full 
Wednesday 07/16 9:00am Session Full 
Thursday 07/17 9:00am Session full 
 Monday 07/21 1:00pm Session Full 
Tuesday 07/22 1:00pm Session Full 
Wednesday 07/23 1:00pm Session Full 
Tuesday 07/29 9:00am Session Full 
Wednesday 07/30 1:00pm Session Full 
August 2014    
Monday 08/04 1:00pm Session Full 
Tuesday 08/05 1:00pm Session Full 
Wednesday 08/06 9:00am/5:30pm Session Full
Thursday 08/07 1:00pm Session Full 
Monday  08/11 5:30pm Session Full 
Tuesday  08/12 5:30pm ESL Only/ Session Full
Wednesday  08/13 1:00pm Session Full 
Thursday  08/14 1:00pm/ Session Full  
Monday  08/18 9:00am/5:30pm / Sessions Full  
Tuesday  08/19 9:00am/5:30pm/ Sessions Full  
Wednesday  08/20 9:00am:5:30pm M/E : Session Full: ESL Only
Thursday 08/21 1:00pm Session Full 
Monday 08/25 9:00am  Session Full
Tuesday 08/26 1:00pm ESL Only
Wednesday 08/27 9:00am  
Thursday 08/28 9:00am  

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