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Welcome to the Office of Instruction

The Office of Instruction provides instructional services and technology support to faculty, staff and students. Additionally, Library staff and technology support staff (audio-visual, IT, and web) provide services and support for the whole campus.


Mission Statement

The Office of Instruction works together to strengthen our thriving college community by providing guidance, support, and solutions for students, staff and faculty to meet their fullest potential.

Name Location Office Phone Email
Francisco Gamez

Dean of BUS/SCI/ Tech/MMART


Departments: Business, Computer Science,
Science, Multi-Media Art

Room 453 (510)
Staff Assistant: Vacant
Lisa Cook

Dean of Liberal Arts


Departments: Arts & Cultural Studies, ASL,
Modern Languages,
Social Science,

Room 454 (510)
Staff Assistant:
Donna Dorsey
Room 450B (510)
Dean of Learning Support
& Technology: Vacant
Staff Assistant:
Marilyn Clausen
Room 124A (510)
Andre Singleton

Interim Associate Dean,
Educational Success


Educational Success,
Learning Communities

Room 453 (510)
Midhun Joseph

Project Manager/
Transitions Liaison


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