Welcome to my Faculty Page!


Laura E. Ruberto

Humanities professor in the Humanities Program at Berkeley City College in the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies.

I have been teaching in the Humanities Program at BCC since 2004.  I teach film studies courses and interdisciplinary liberal arts courses that focus on cultural studies, material culture, aesthetics, and media.

I am also involved in writing and publishing scholarly work around my long-time main research interests: Italian American culture, Italian film, material culture, and migration studies. You can see some of this work here and here.

Some ways to contact me

  • Email: lruberto@peralta.edu
  • Office: Room 552, 2050 Center Street, Berkeley
  • Telephone: (510) 981-2922
  • Twitter handle: @LauraRuberto

Office Hours: In addition to meeting me by appointment, you can always email me or check with the Office of Instruction to confirm what my posted Office Hours are in any one semester.