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Spring 2016 Semester:


Moodle Login Issues – contact

Student log in Moodle (pdf)

Moodle Log-In Help for BCC Students: Mon. – Thurs., 10 am – 3 pm, Rm 343


Online Course Site Login Information:

  • Spring 2016 (Moodle) – will be available to students approximately two weeks before the semester begins.
  • Students enrolled in online classes should check their student email for any messages from their instructor.
  • Moodle uses your Peralta Student Email Account for messages from your instructor and for Lost Password information. You may change your email address from your Profile Page.
  • The Moodle Login Username is your PASSPORT User ID – if you obtained your student account in the last 4-5 years, then your User ID is your Student ID #; but if you obtained your student account more than 4-5 years ago, then your User ID would be a combination of letters and numbers
  • The Moodle Login Password is your BIRTHDATE in the format of  yyyymmdd  (all numbers)
  • Example Password: If birthdate is  February 8, 1996, then your Moodle Login Password would be:  19960208




Are you a student looking for admissions, enrollment, or class information? Here are some direct links to help you with your request:

  • Click here for: Admissions Department website [if the link doesn’t work copy and paste:
  • Admissions Email at BCC: Loretta Newsom,
  • Need help with clearing prerequisites? Visit the Counseling Department’s Hot Topics page
  • Have questions about the Wait List? See the Wait List page
  • Distance Education Helpdesk for Moodle:


Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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