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Celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Cal Vietnamese Students Association Lion Dance Team, Fri., Mar. 6, Atrium, 12-15 – 1:15 pm

24 February 2015

Lion Dance Team in Full Costume Dancing

Join us in celebrating the Lunar New Year with the Cal Vietnamese Students Association Lion Dance Team!

When: Friday, March 6, 2015

Where: BCC Atrium (Basement)

Time: College Hour, 12:15 P.M. – 1:15 P.M


For more information, view the 2015 – Lunar New Year Celebration Flyer.



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Spring News! Classes Starting in March for Spring 2015 – Enroll Now!

24 February 2015

Classes beginning in the 3rd week in March include:

ART 1, Intro to Art History, 3/18/15, WF 9:30a-12:20p
CHDEV51, Child Growth and Development, 3/20/15, F 9-11:50a and 1-4:15p
CIS42B, Spreadsheet Applications II, 3/17/15, MW 9:30a-12:20p
COMM5, Persuasion and Critical Thinking, 3/21/15, HYBRID S 9:30a-12:20p


Information about these courses:

•  ART 1, 3 Units: Introduction to Art History
3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP).  Recommended Preparation:  ENGL 1A.   Acceptable for credit: UC/CSU
Introduction to art purposes, principles and forms: Basic understanding of stylistic development and methods of analysis with emphasis on twentieth century art.

Section B3, Code #23672, Instr. Martin
Lec:  9:30 am-12:20 pm, WF; BCC, Rm. 226
Class Begins Wednesday, 3/18/15 and Ends Friday, 5/22/15

•••••Child Development•••••

•  CHDEV 51, 3 Units: Child Growth and Development
3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP).  Acceptable for credit:  UC/CSU

Prenatal through adolescence typical and atypical human growth and development: Interrelationship of physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and the adult role in fostering optimal development with emphasis on interactions between nature and nurture, developmental theory and investigative research, child observations and assessment, developmental milestones and individual differences.

Section B2, Code #25243, Instr. Nunley
Lec: 9-11:50 am & 1-4:15 pm; BCC, Rm. 52
Class Begins Friday, 3/20/15 and Ends Friday, 5/22/15

•••••Computer Information Systems•••••

CIS 42B, 2 Units:  Spreadsheet Applications II
1.5 hours lecture, 1.5 hours laboratory (GR or P/NP).  Prerequisite: CIS 42A
(may be taken during same term as CIS 42B during the first 9-week session).  Acceptable for credit: CSU

Principles of electronic spreadsheets using features available with currently popular spreadsheet software: Financial functions, logical functions, forecasting trends, lookup tables, “pivot tables”, graphic design for financial statements, statistical operations (regression analysis), macro programming.

Section B1L, Code #20862, Instr. Herrera
Lec: 9:30 am-12:20 pm, M; BCC, Rm. 312; Lab: 9:30 am-12:20 pm, W; BCC, Rm. 312
Class Begins Wednesday, 3/17/15 and Ends Wednesday, 5/14/15


COMM 5, 3 Units:  Persuasion and Critical Thinking
3 hours lecture (GR or P/NP).  Prerequisite: ENGL 1A.  Acceptable for credit: UC/CSU

Critical thinking skills: Principles of reasoning and persuasion, and analysis and evaluation of communication; emphasis on structure of arguments, quality of evidence, formal and informal fallacies, and effect of media on argumentation.

Section B4, Code #24172, Instr. Pine
Lec: 9:30 am-12:20 pm, S; BCC, Rm. 53
Class Begins Saturday, 3/21/15 and Ends Saturday, 5/16/15
Online Transfer College class meets 3 hrs./wk. in class + 3 hrs./wk. online


Check out the full list of BCC’s Late Start Classes for Spring 2015 here


New and Returning Students can apply now, and Continuing Students can enroll in classes through their Student Centers.

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ASBCC Town Hall, Thurs., Feb. 26 @ 12:15 – 1:15 pm, Atrim

23 February 2015

Speak Up, Speak Out! – Town Hall:  How Can We Improve Our College?

This event is officially sponsored and hosted by The Associated Students of Berkeley City College


Date:  Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time: 12:15 – 1:15 pm

Venue: BCC Atrium


bcc logo ASBCC Logo


Topics of Discussion:

  • What can ASBCC do to better engage the student population?
  • What is missing between students and administration and faculty? How can we address it?
  • What can we do better to affect access, persistence and completion during your time at BCC?


Click on the image below to download the Town Hall flyer:

Town Hall flyer

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Celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Tues., March 10, 12:15 pm, Auditorium

23 February 2015


The Global Studies Program and Club are showing the DVD Still Killing Us Softly4 about the image of women in the media.

We will also have a handout on the history of International Women’s Day and bread and roses to celebrate.


When: Tuesday, March 10 at 12:15 PM

Where: BCC auditorium


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Join pioneering Internet access innovator Brewster Kahle for MSRI/BCC’s “Toward Universal Access to All Knowledge,” 7-8:15 p.m., Wed., Mar. 18

23 February 2015

Brewster Kahle“Toward Universal Access to All Knowledge” presented by pioneering Internet access innovator Brewster Kahle, takes place 7-8:15 p.m., Wed., Mar. 18, in Berkeley City College’s auditorium. The presentation is free and open to the public. Reserve your free tickets at A ticket is required for admission to the auditorium.


Mr. Kahle will focus on the questions: Will we allow ourselves to re-invent our concept of libraries to expand and to use the new technologies? Can we make all the published works of humankind accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in the world.


Advances in computing and communications mean that we can cost-effectively store every book, sound recording, movie, software package, and public web page ever created, and provide access to these collections via the Internet to students and adults all over the world. By using existing institutions and funding sources, we can build this as well as compensate authors within the current worldwide library budget.


A passionate advocate for public Internet access and a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Kahle has spent his career intent on a singular focus: Universal Access to All Knowledge. Soon after graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he helped found the company Thinking Machines, a supercomputer maker. In 1989, Mr. Kahle created the Internet’s first publishing system called Wide Area Information Server (WAIS) and established WAIS, Inc. He also founded the Internet Archive, one of the largest digital libraries in the world. With a staff of nearly 150, and 100 partnering libraries, the organization is working to create an online catalog of every book ever created.


Mr. Kahle received a B.S. in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Mary Austin, started The Kahle/Austin Foundation, which supports the Internet Archive along with other non-profit organizations with similar goals. Mr. Kahle also founded Open Content Alliance, a group of organizations contributing to a permanent, publicly accessible archive of digitized texts. He is a member of the Internet Hall of Fame, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of the National Academy of Engineering and serves on the boards of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, the European Archive, and the Television Archive. He holds an honorary doctorate in computer science from Simmons College and an honorary doctorate in Law from the University of Alberta.


His talk is part of the “Not on the Test: The Pleasures and Uses of Mathematics” series of six public lectures in 2014–15, which are jointly presented by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) and Berkeley City College (BCC). They are made possible with funding from the Simons Foundation.



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ASBCC Elections – Application Deadline March 4

23 February 2015

ASBCC LogoBerkeley City College

Student Government Elections



Positions Available: President, VP of Administration, VP of Programs, VP of Finance, VP of Public Relations, Senators (9 senate positions available)


Pick up applications in ASBCC Office, Room 57.


The official election code/rules can be found here.


Contact the Elections Committee at for more information.


Download a copy of the above ASBCC Election Time Schedule and the Application Form.


ASBCC Election Time Schedule:

elections schedule


Application Form:

Election form



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Dr. Lipi Ghosh, visiting Fulbright Fellow, Speaks on Development of Education in South and South East Asia, 6-8 p.m., NEW Location: Main Campus Rm 311, Mon., Mar. 23

22 February 2015

Dr. Lipi Ghosh

“Development of Education in South and South East Asia-Glimpses from India, Myanmar and Thailand” will be presented by Dr. Lipi Ghosh, visiting Fulbright Academic and Professional Excellence Fellow from University of Calcutta, India, 6-8 p.m., Mon., Mar. 23. It will take place at BCC, 2050 Center St., Rm. 311 and is part of Dr. Loretta Kane’s Education 197 class. Contact Dr. Laura Ruberto at for details.

Dr. Ghosh will introduce students to her work with minority cultures in India, Thailand and Myanmar, and the educational systems in those countries. She is presently is affiliated with California State University, Sacramento.

Dr. Laura Ruberto, co-chair of BCC’s Arts and Cultural Studies Dept., who is a Fulbright alumna and represents that program at BCC, was invited to apply for a Fulbright Outreach Lecturing Funds grant to bring a scholar and lecturer to Berkeley City College for a brief visit. Dr. Ruberto’s grant was funded and resulted in Dr. Ghosh’s visit to BCC.

The Outreach Lecturing Fund (OLF) allows Fulbright Visiting Scholars who are currently in the United States to travel to other higher education institutions across the country. Each year some 800 faculty and professionals from around the world receive Fulbright Scholar grants for advanced research and university lecturing. The purpose of the OLF is to allow these scholars to share their specific research interests, speak on the history and culture of their home country, exchange ideas with U.S. students, faculty and community organizations, become better acquainted with U.S. higher education, and create linkages between their home and host institutions and CIES.

You can find out more about this program at

More information about Dr. Lipi Ghosh at



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BCC Hosts Apr. 10-11 Northern California/Nevada Student Advertising Competition

18 February 2015

Berkeley City College once again will host the Northern California/Nevada National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC—District 14) 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Fri., Apr. 10 and 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Sat., Apr. 11 at its 2050 Center St. campus. Pizza Hut is this year’s sponsoring corporation.


It is the second year that the organization has hosted the competition at BCC. The day-long event will be held in the college’s auditorium, atrium and in break-out classrooms. Peralta students interested in business, marketing, design, public relations, advertising, media, writing, creative, production, photography and accounting are welcome to attend. NSAC is sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Event coordinator Diane Rames is a past president and current chair of the board of the Greater San Francisco Advertising Club (



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