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        The Associated Students of Berkeley City College (ASBCC) is the representative student government for Berkeley City College. It is a fifteen member council consisting of the President, the Vice President of Administration, the Vice President of Programs, the Vice President of Public Relations, the Vice President of Finance, the Secretary, and nine senatorial positions. Additionally, there is a Judicial Council consisting of the Chief Justice and four supporting Justices.

        The role of this organization is to empower the student voice on campus through active participation in shared governance meetings, increase club participation, and assist students in reaching their respective goals at Berkeley City College.

        Elections for the Associated Students of Berkeley City College are every spring semester with all positions open to candidates — except the Judicial Council and Secretary. The Judicial Council and the Secretary positions are both appointed positions which are selected by the President after he or she has been elected.


Interested in joining student government?

The ASBCC is looking for a secretary and judicial council members! Please email a cover letter and resume to President-elect Brianna Rogers at no later than September 8, 2015. Everyone is encouraged to apply! You must call BCC, your home college, and maintain enrolled in at least 5 units and have a 2.5 GPA!

The Secretary is tasked with oversight of all official documentation of ASBCC actions and meetings. This person is responsible for composing and keeping a record of agendas and minutes of the ASBCC Council in accordance with the current version of the Ralph M. Brown Act. (Source: ASBCC Constitution)

The Judicial Council will have the power:

a) To interpret any language disputes within the chartered Constitution, Bylaws or Governing Documents of the ASBCC Council. Only upon submission to the ASBCC President and Chief Justice may the petition be heard for determination by Judicial Council.

b) To review and discuss the legality of ASBCC Council impeachments, term limits, recall or election disputes.

c) To determine the constitutionality of the ASBCC Constitution, ICC Charter, and respective Club Constitutions.

d) To preside over hearings of ASBCC and Judicial Council members. (Source: ASBCC Constitution)

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