Assessment & Orientation

About Orientation & Assessment Placement Exam

MANDATORY: Online orientation must be completed prior to scheduled exam.


Student Success and Support Program

 The Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) is a state mandated program that provides critical support services to students on the front-end of their educational experience to increase student success. There are five components of the SSSP that help to ensure educational success: Admission, Orientation, Assessment, Counseling and Advisement, and follow-up services.

Many students who are new to college will attend an assessment and orientation session as part of their Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) process to enroll in classes. The purpose of the assessment is to provide students with information regarding their current skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. The results of the assessment, along with other multiple measures documentation information provided by the student will assist and aid in the appropriate placement into classes.

The following documents can be used as Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) multiple measures to assist you in achieving higher placement goals; college and or high transcripts, high school AP (with a 3 or higher) and IB (with a 6 or higher)scores. The counseling staff will use the multiple measures along with the test results to assist the student in selecting appropriate courses. The assessment is not used to bar anyone from enrollment in the college, but rather to aid students to choose the best classes based on academic skill level. You cannot “fail” the assessment tests or be denied admission to the college; however students must meet the prerequisites as stated in the college catalog. Special testing is provided for students whose native language is not English. This is called ESL (English as a Second Language) assessment.

AP/Advance Placement   IB/International Baccalaureate  CELP/ College-Level Exam Program Credit
Scores of: 3,4,5
English ~ 1A
Math 3A~ Calculus
Scores of: 5,6,7
Higher Level (HL)
Scores of: 50 or higher CSU Only
English Literature

During orientation, students are provided with information regarding the college’s programs, services and resources. Students also receive information regarding special programs and majors, degrees, certificates, transfer requirements, support services, and other useful information.

Important: Please know your Peralta Student ID# when you contact us to set your assessment appointment.