The Office of Student Activities and Campus Life


Welcome to the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life. Our role is to provide a link between students’ classroom experiences to activities outside of the classroom. We aim to provide learning experiences that stimulate and encourage social, cultural, and recreational interactions. Through sponsored services, programs, and events on campus, students will have the opportunity to create meaningful experiences at our campus.

Our office provides students the tools and resources for their individual and student organization success. We encourage all of you to find experiences through our office that will challenge and supporting your learning. We want you to be part of life lessons and memories created through the programs offered to make your experiences an integral part of Berkeley City College’s educational environment.

Interested in joining a club? On Tuesday, Sept. 15th and Wednesday, Sept. 16th from 12:20 – 1:20pm, join us for our Virtual Club Rush! Interact with students in a wide variety of clubs we have available for you! From academic, community service, and cultural clubs to political and various social and recreational clubs, we have a club for you!

  • Anime Club
    The purpose of the Anime Club is to provide its members with an entertaining and welcoming environment in which we watch anime on a weekly basis, have discussions, and create lifetime friendships as well. Through this, we aim to broaden the overall appeal and awareness of Japanese media and entertainment, such as anime and manga, and increase the presence of this unique art form in the mainstream consciousness. Our mission as the Anime club is to create tight-knit friendships and a place where students can feel comfortable about their interests each semester.


  • Beyond BCC 
    This is a club mainly focused on student resources, with diversity and leadership as a learning outcome. We’re focused on helping students with opportunities outside of BCC, be it jobs, internships, or transferring colleges and universities.


  • Black Student Union
    Our mission is to provide, through intellectual, social, and cultural endeavors, ethical experiences as they relate to black people; stirring these individuals towards academic and social excellence.


  • Phi Beta Lambda on Tuesday and Wednesday (separate Zoom Links)
    We aim to build and improve upon a much needed, long-standing business community here at BCC, that inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders through relevant career development and leadership experiences.


  • College Leap
    We are a chapter from a non-profit organization, College Leap. We provide various opportunity for students.


  • Electronic & Engineering
    We know that many technologies like 3D printing are not new technology. However, due to the price and limitation of 3D printing applications, many students are still unfamiliar with this technology. The Berkeley Electronic & Engineering club wishes to popularize the knowledge of advanced engineering technology. To let more people know about engineering and have the opportunity to hands-on, and tryout interesting projects. Also, we wanna gather people who are interested in this field to have chances to learn and discuss engineering issues that can help our community. The BEE club is not only the playground of CS and Engineering students but also a great entry for those who are interested in Electronic & engineering.


  • Global Awareness Club on Tuesday and Wednesday (separate Zoom Links)
    Our mission is to create a platform for BCC students to engage in activities and discussions around contemporary social, political, and cultural issues.


  • iFish
    Our mission is to demonstrate God’s love through tangible acts of service and to share the gospel or “good news” of Jesus Christ with the campus and the surrounding community.


  • The International Student Mentorship Program
    The purpose of this club shall be to connect international students with alumni and working professionals who have experienced the positive impact of having mentors through their college years. The goal would be to benefit international students with guidance academically and professionally in such areas as life skills, English training, time management, and living in America.



  • The Women’s Leadership Club
    The mission of the Women’s Leadership Club is to encourage women and allies to invest in themselves, their community, and mark our society through our actions. As the Women’s Leadership Club we plan to build each other up and promote self-confidence through empowerment, inclusion, and leadership exercise within a group setting. As women, we are fundamental members of society, but first, we have to recognize that we are a community. Here at the Women’s leadership Club, we support each other in accomplishing personal, professional, and leadership goals. We look to make an impact on our community by engaging within our student body, creating a space to utilize and find our female voice, and encouraging each other to dream big and work hard. Our mission as the Women’s Leadership Club is to foster tight-knit friendships, harbor a safe place for women, increase engagement within our female community and bring mentorship and leadership opportunities throughout each semester.

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Associated Students of Berkeley City College

Interested in representing students and advocate on their behalf? Through the student government, you can build your leadership skills and help make student voices heard.


Student Clubs & Organizations

Interact with students in a wide variety of clubs we have available for you! From academic, community service, and cultural clubs to political and various social and recreational clubs, we have a club for you!

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Service Learning Outcomes

1. PROMOTE STUDENT LEADERSHIP: Student leaders, in collaboration with their respective organization members such as student government, clubs and/or campus departments will plan, develop and implement meaningful student activities that promote and educate the community of the organizations’ mission.

2. STUDENT ENGAGEMENT: Develop activities, events, and programs designed for the social, cultural, instructional, and leadership development of students.

If you are interested in finding out our events on campus, check out our Events Calendar.

We welcome you and thank you for choosing Berkeley City College to pursue your education.