About the Authors

Chloe Merrifield
Chloe Merrifield is currently living in the woods along the rugged California coast for a live/work exchange program. She is studying art history and visual culture and plans to attend UC Santa Cruz in the fall. She spends her time working with the earth, exploring the surrounding wooded trails for furry creatures, painting with watercolors, and enjoying the company of her boyfriend and two beloved felines. She is furthering her interest in writing poetry through small projects that reflect the daily adventures she has out in the woods. Chloe is grateful for the friendships she’s made from her time at Berkeley City College, especially the wonderful people she works with on Milvia Street.
Nusaibah Coleman
Nusaibah Coleman is a black, bay arean, anti-capitalist, Muslima who has never voted for any president who has engaged in killing people.
She was born at home as the second daughter to her biracial, barely outta high school, teenage parents. When she was three years old, she became an older sister and traveled with her family to Syria and then to Yemen, where she became fluent in Arabic, studied a good deal of Islamic knowledge, and gained three more sisters. Because her mother didn’t want to entrust Nusaibah’s upbringing to the public school system, she was homeschooled until she started attending Berkeley City College where she is currently majoring in English.
She enjoys braiding hair, moving her body, making art, and reading well-written fiction, history, and works on or by black revolutionaries. She loves nothing in this world more than her mother and sisters.