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Dr. Frances White

Dr. Frances L. White
Interim President

          Welcome to Berkeley City College, where we are dedicated to your success! If you are a new student, you will find a vibrant, diverse, inquisitive, and socially engaged learning community whose members will help you reach your educational goals. If you are a returning student, welcome back! You can take this year to continue toward your degree or certificate, resume job training or transfer to a university.


          At Berkeley City College (BCC) you will find a collaborative community of learners that is one of the most inspiring and diverse in the Bay Area. Our academic, technical and foundational skills will help you transform your life through learning. Here, you will develop the knowledge and skills you need to transfer to top-rated universities. BCC students experience some of the state’s highest transfer rates to U.C. Berkeley, San Francisco State University, California State University East Bay and many other public and private universities.


          Berkeley City College will present all of you with an education that provides tools for professional and personal success as well as for lifelong learning. In your classes and college activities, and by working with our faculty and staff, you will learn to see the world from many perspectives. As you learn, you will build knowledge, confidence and skills that will last a lifetime.


          Your success is what matters most to us, so get to know your instructors and counselors, your classmates, our staff, and our administrators. We are first and foremost committed to you, so use your time at BCC to your best advantage. Never hesitate to ask questions or seek assistance.


          Our creative and innovative faculty and staff serve over 7000 students each semester. BCC students have a variety of educational goals. They seek to transfer to a four–year institution, earn a certificate or to develop skills that lead to additional educational opportunities. Our mission to promote student success and to provide our diverse community with educational opportunities to transform lives is evidenced every day in the classroom and in our services. We strive to have our vision shine brightly. BCC is a premier, diverse, student-centered learning community dedicated to academic excellence, collaboration, innovation and transformation. We provide opportunities for all, and work to promote social justice and equity in our classrooms, in our actions, and in our promise to you. Please work with us to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.


          I wish you a rich and rewarding experience at Berkeley City College. I am confident that you will discover and develop your best talents, attain your goals, and move on to a brilliant future.



Dr. Frances L. White
Interim President

  • Office of the President

    Saturday 25 June 2016


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