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Civic Engagement Club

The Civic Engagement Club is a network of student volunteers mobilizing to improve their community–whether it be educational, health related or political activism, we will collectively organize and effectively serve.  The Civic Engagement Club also works closely with the BCC Institute for Civic and Community Engagement in an effort to help link students with many more volunteer opportunities and service related resources.  For more on Civic Engagement activities at BCC and UC Berkeley be sure to also checkout the BCC Service Community

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 Meet Our Club Officers!

Cassandra Salisbury, Civic Engagement President

A few things you never knew about me:
I live life thinking this —> “One day life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”
I am dying to go to Italy and am determined to make it there before I’m 30. I hate casserole and hamburger helper with a passion but love spinach dip and pozole like there’s no tomorrow. I’m never happier than when I know I’ve truly helped someone out. I’m the oldest of 6, but not the tallest!



Dylan Jagger, Civic Engagement VP

Major: Economics 

Since joining the CEC I have been given the opportunity to take part in many incredible projects and work with an amazing team, committed to social justice. As VP, I hope to expand these opportunities and encourage a more engaged, empowered student body. I am highly motivated to make this year our most successful one yet. Educate and Advocate!


Justin Terry, CEC Outreach Coordinator

Major: Psychology

Being the outreach coordinator to me means more than just finding people to join the club.  It’s a chance to interact with fellow students and connect with them about deeper issues than grades and homework.  While those are both very important, there are other matters in the world around us that we as students have the power to affect in such a positive way, and I want everyone to be aware of that.

Elissa Buchman, Secretary

Major: Political Science

As the secretary of the Civic Engagement Club I hope to be able to work closely with other students at Berkeley City College to help unify and strengthen our voice as a student body.  I look forward to advocating for issues that effect both the BCC community and the community at large, and to reach out to others as much as I possibly can.