Certificate of Proficiency

The Gender Studies Program is an emerging program at Berkeley City College. It includes a series of courses under “Women’s Studies” as well as courses from other programs that together form the offerings for the Gender Studies Certificate.

The Gender Studies certificate of achievement involving an interdisciplinary approach to Gender Studies combining courses in the liberal arts and social sciences thus offering a grounded general education. The certificate provides a strong academic foundation in the field, whether students are interested for personal, political or professional reasons or intend to transfer to a four-year institution and major or minor in Gender Studies, Women’s Studies or LGBTQ Studies as well as any discipline in the liberal arts or social sciences.

Affiliated Faculty (with their main discipline listed)

Gender Studies Certificate

All courses fulfill requirements for this certificate as well as General Education credit and requirements or electives for other programs.

In addition to the Gender Studies Certificate, individual courses in Women’s Studies (WS) are also all part of one or more of the following degrees:

  • AA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Arts and Humanities
  • AA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Social Science
  • AA-T in Philosophy