Welcome to Berkeley City College’s Program in Ethnic Studies!

We are an interdisciplinary, multifaceted program that offers classes in African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Mexican/Latin American Studies, and Ethnic Studies.

Ethnic Studies was born out of struggle, through the efforts of student and community-based activism. We continually honor this legacy, in and out of the classroom, and take great pride in developing socially-conscious scholars.

Ethnic Studies at Berkeley City College emphasizes intersectional, relational, and decolonial approaches to the study of race, ethnicity, and indigeneity, within and beyond what is presently the United States.

Our students are motivated and engaged, and drawn to our program out of an interest in social justice and racial equity.

For Students

Students who take Ethnic Studies go on to change the world!

We typically offer 6-8 classes across these disciplines each semester and during the summer, both face-to-face and online. Our classes satisfy degree and transfer needs, and many are approved specifically to meet CSU Area F requirements.

Our classes prepare our scholars in obtaining their Associate’s degree or attending a four-year college or university, and in entering fields as varied as education, public health, social services, community-based nonprofits, journalism, law, and more!

Our Faculty

Our instructors are experts in their fields, and bring with them years of experience as educators and community-workers. We are here for you!

Teaching Positions

Ethnic Studies instructors who complement our program’s existing strengths, particularly those who bring an intersectional, relational, and/or decolonial praxis to their pedagogy, are welcome to inquire about teaching opportunities. Typically, planning for class assignments begins 4-6 months in advance, although sometimes there are late openings requiring immediate assistance.

All instructors must meet the minimum qualification (MQ) requirements outlined in the California Community Colleges Minimum Qualifications Handbook. In brief, an instructor must have their M.A. (or equivalent number of hours) in the specific field. Individuals meeting the MQs in African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Mexican/Latin American Studies, or Native American Studies are also approved to teach Ethnic Studies.

For more information

Contact Alejandro Wolbert Pérez, Ethnic Studies Program Lead at wwolbert [at] peralta. edu