Berkeley City College’s (BCC) Articulation Officer’s primary role is to be a resource for faculty when developing new or updating/revising transferable courses. The Articulation officer initiates faculty approved articulation proposals for the  General Education (G.E.) patterns for transfer: California State University Breadth-General Education  CSU-GE Breadth Requirements and the University of California-General Education Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum UC GE (IGETC) Requirements as well as proposing BCC courses for the Associate of Art/Associate of Science (AA/AS) Degree General Education Requirements. Faculty-initiated articulation proposals also include course-to-course and major articulation agreements with individual CSU’s, UC’s, and California Private/Independent Colleges and Universities.

As you navigate through the Articulation Program website, you will find additional information through the links on this page.

Benefits of Articulation for Students

  • Eases the transition from one educational level to another
  • Eliminates coursework duplication;
  • Reduces educational expenses;
  • Offers incentives to continue education at a more advanced level; and
  • Encourages educational goal setting, the development of a Student Education Plan (SEP) to achieve those goals.

The final responsibility for successfully achieving an educational goal rests with the student. Information online is designed to be helpful; however, this information changes frequently. It is recommended that students consult a counselor to confirm a Student Education Plan (SEP) by appointment to ensure you know how to use and understand resources available appropriately. You can make an appointment to meet with a  BCC Counselor for questions regarding articulation and transfer. You can also phone the BCC Counseling Department at (510) 981-5036 or email counselingbcc@peralta.edu for more information. Please see the BCC Counseling Department website for hours, drop-in visits, appointments, GE forms, and more details.