Mental Health Support


Mental Health Services

Appointments will be available Fall 2019  


If you are in crisis and
need immediate assistance,

please call the Alameda Crisis Hotline at

1-800-309-2131 or 911.


** All mental health counseling services are provided on **
** first come, first serve basis.**


Counseling sessions are limited to up to 10 sessions per academic semester. This will be determined by you and your mental health counselor. Depending on your unique situation, your insurance options, and the current demand for counseling services, you may be referred to another provider within the Peralta Community College District or in the larger Bay Area Community.



How to deal with stresses

and prevent them from interfering with your academic success



College life can be stressful. It is normal to experience personal and academic stressors which can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Mental Health Counseling can help you deal with these stressors and prevent them from interfering with your academic success.  As a student enrolled in the Peralta Community College District, you are eligible to receive FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Counseling Services.


Are you stressed out and having trouble coping?

Are you worried about your classes?

Are you having trouble balancing your life’s activities and commitments?


Mental Health Services Include  Support with:

Grief and loss

Frequent loss of temper

Relationship issues

Difficult Feelings

Or just need someone to talk to

Worrying or feeling anxious constantly




    We provide:


     Mental Health Counseling



     Addiction and Recovery Counseling



     Workshops and Consultation



     Consultation to faculty, staff, administrators, and campus community



     Assessment and Referrals for longer-term care.



To receive text-based support from trained Crisis Text Line counselors, students can text “COURAGE” to 741741. The support is free, accessible 24/7, and confidential. For questions, check out:


For more local support options, check out our Urgent Care Resource Page


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