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Welcome to the Berkeley Community College Wellness Center Homepage!

Our Mission 
Our mission at the Wellness Center is to reduce barriers of academic success by providing health and wellness support. We strive to foster a community of care that recognizes and values the depth, dignity and diversity of all if its students.  

Wellness Center at work – Food Pantry Days


Mental Health Services (by appointment only):

Mental Health Referral Click Here!



If you are in crisis and
need immediate assistance,


please call the Alameda Crisis Hotline at

1-800-309-2131 or 911.



To receive text-based support from trained Crisis Text Line counselors, students can text “COURAGE” to 741741. The support is free, accessible 24/7, and confidential. For questions, check out:

Are you stressed out and having trouble coping?

Are you worried about your classes?

Are you having trouble balancing your life’s activities and commitments?


Mental Health Services Include  Support with:

Grief and loss

Frequent loss of temper

Relationship issues

Difficult Feelings

Or just need someone to talk to

Worrying or feeling anxious constantly



2000 Center St Suite 100


Contact List


Contact List
Janine Greer MFT
(510) 981-2894
Monday: 9 – 5 pm
Wednesday – Friday: 9 – 5 pm
Off on Tuesdays
Larry Lariosa MFT 
(510) 981-2919
Tuesday / Thursday 8:30-4:30pm
 Breanne Grady RN – Roots Community Health Center 
(510) 981-2996
Monday – Thursday 9-2pm


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