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Carolina Martinez



Carolina Martinez is one of the founders of the Undocumented Community Resource Center (U.C.R.Center.) Carolina Martinez was born and raised in Mazatlán, Mexico. Ms. Martinez moved to the United States 10 years ago with the dream of securing a better future for herself and her family. Supporting her family economically and emotionally is what motivates her to get up every day at 4 am to get to her first job, it pushes her through to go to her second job, while also studying hard and working for her Undocumented Community. Ms. Martinez was granted three years ago with a U-visa and currently is in the process of her Permanent Resident (Green Card). Ms. Martinez thinks that every person has the right to the same opportunities. She expresses her Mexicans roots through Mexican folk dancing and is proud to say that dance is her most powerful form of expression.


Jafet Oidor

Student Leader


Jafet Oidor Ortega, is in his third year at Berkeley City College. He is currently studying Computer Science and plans to transfer to UC Davis or UC Santa Cruz. Jafet was born in Puebla, Mexico. At the age of the 2, he was brought to the state of California. He grew up in the city of Alameda, where he currently lives. Jafet grew up in a diverse community and was not aware of his status until his third year in high school. After seeking employment for a while, Jafet was able to find employment at Berkeley City College with the Undocumented Community resource center. Here he can interact and inform peers and educators about his experience and helps the center keep up to date with current policies surrounding the undocumented community. Working at the Undocumented community Resource Center has allowed Jafet to work and study at the same time. Although Jafet is a DACA recipient with an uncertain future, the UCRC has helped him gain the confidence that he will succeed in his efforts to gain a higher education.


Student Leader

Brenda Guerrero


Brenda Guerrero is a Mexican American with parents that fled Mexico in pursuit of the “American Dream.” She experienced the struggle of her parents frightened, and always cautiously looking over their shoulders when any law enforcement was near. She is a returning student at Berkeley City College that seeks to be a registered nurse, and provide help in an organization for immigrants who don’t have medical care. She believes that no child, student, mother or father should live with fear, and wants the community to know that the UCRCenter is here for anybody that seeks help, and are always welcomed to come stop by and visit.


Student Leader

Kayanna Harris


Kayanna Harris is a Biotechnology student at Berkeley City College, who was born and raised in St. Ann, Jamaica, West Indies. After completing high school in Jamaica, she migrated to the United States of America in pursuit of the “American Dream.” Kayanna is hoping to transfer to UC Berkeley, UC Davis, or UC Santa Cruz in the year 2020 to earn her BS in Bio engineering. She is interested in the diverse cultures, music, and foods which is one of her many reasons for residing in the Bay Area. She is a firm believer in having a united front and that “All is one.” Kayanna joined the Undocumented Community Resource Center because it gives her the opportunity to use her knowledge and experience of the hardship and inequalities faced by undocumented immigrants to assist others and generate awareness. Her goal is to be a representation that despite class, race, gender or status; anyone can achieve the “American Dream.”


Former Student Leaders