RESEARCH SHORTS: Informal Conversations About Teaching and Learning

Research Shorts: Informal Conversations About Teaching and Learning

An individual or team of staff or faculty tests or shares their crazy ideas, cool lessons, surprising results, accidental insights, colossal failures, or outside research during the college hour or a time convenient for you while attendees give supportive feedback.

To participate, you only need to: (1) schedule a time to present, (2) submit an outline a few days in advance, (3) show up to your event, and (4) write up a brief report of your experience.

You will receive a $200 stipend for your participation.

Examples might include:

(1) Creating a Civic Engagement Working Group,

(2) Examining “resilience” inside and outside the classroom,

(3) Black Mirrors: Designing pedagogies with and without technology

(4) Creative Collisions Across Disciplines: Instead of a campus theme, select a “big idea” such as “time,” “space,” “perspective,” “lines,” “value,” “color,” “story,” “laughter,” or “death,” and challenge two instructors from distinctly different disciplines to create a lesson or approach using this topic.

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