POP: Peer Observation Pool

What is the POP?

The POP is an informal structure for faculty to learn from each other by spending time in colleagues’ classrooms. It is not related in any way to faculty evaluation!

What are the required activities for POP members?

  • Observe three other classes for at least 30 minutes each, at least one outside of your discipline.
  • Welcome other POP members into your classroom.
  • Write up your experience as a group.
  • Participate in the TLC Symposium or larger multi-discipline POP gathering before Thanksgiving or Spring Break, where POP members will briefly reflect, share, and have the opportunity to connect for future projects.

How much time will the POP take all together?

  • 3 meetings + 3 or more observations + any amount of reflection/communication
  • 20+ total hours, flexible for your busy schedule
  • 1-page reflection

Is this a paid activity?

There are stipends of $200 available (or $300 for group leader/organizer), paid by the end of each semester, with priority given to part-time instructors and new members. All faculty and staff are welcome and encouraged to participate.

What are the goals of the POP?

  • Share effective practices
  • Spark future inquiry and implementation within and across disciplines
  • Increase culture of collaboration within and across disciplines
  • Increase understanding of student and teacher experiences beyond our own courses


  • I did the POP before. Can I do it again? YES!
  • I teach a class in the evening, a lab, hybrid, or online course. Can I still do it? YES!
  • I don’t have time to pop in this semester. Can I open my door to POP members anyway? YES!
  • Email Dylan Eret at bcctlc@peralta.edu if you have any other burning questions.

Potent Quotables

“I have met more teachers here at BCC through the POP program than I have in several years of teaching here!”

 “As a part-time, new, evening instructor it is a little hard to feel part of the school or that I have much to offer to other instructors. POP was wonderful in giving me a way to be involved in the school, meet people, see different students, and get a better sense of the mission of BCC and everything that goes on here.”

“I was able to get a sense of new things I can try in the classroom, and also a sense of some class room management strategies that seem successful for the teachers I observed.”

“The POP culture should spread at BCC and become a celebration of what it is to be part of a learning community.”


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