Spring11 FIG-14 Global Studies Interdisciplinary Work

Area: Global Studies


Joan Berezin
Marc Lispi
Eric Gerlach
Michael Noonan
James Linnehan

Research Question:

How can the Global Studies program provide meaningful interdisciplinary work for all of its students?

Research Methods:

Surveyed students in one cohort and interviewed students in another.


  1. Students liked the idea of tying curriculum from one course to the next, especially if the English class would help students write papers for Art History;
  2. Students want to see more variety in assignments, particularly joint class projects.


  1. Instructors will work to integrate some assignments in Fall 2011 in the Global Studies program.

Final Reports:


Live Binders: Resources for 21st Century Classrooms

21st Century Classrooms: Exploring Perspectives, Negotiating Computer-Mediated Landscapes, and Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum

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This Live Binder is a collaborative effort by Maria Bonet, MLS, Dr. Prisca Rodriguez, and Dr. Patricia Lopez. We thought about how current educational policies that emphasize technology use continue to influence educational practices. We were especially interested in these influences within second and foreign language learning across K-12 classrooms. We wrote and presented a paper titled 21st Century Classrooms: Exploring Perspectives, Negotiating Computer-Mediated Landscapes, and Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum, hoping to illuminate current conversations concerning technology integration in education, explore benefits and challenges of technology use for foreign language learning, and share recommendations for technology integration.

This Live Binder is the online piece where we share what we hope are useful resources to teachers. We continue to look for resources that are free, fairly easy to learn and use, and present many possibilities for classroom application. If you would like us to include resources you did not find here, or if you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

Prezi presentation link: http://bit.ly/U3pt4V

Thank you to BCC’s Ellen Rosenfield for the reference.

Please apply for FIGs and APPLEs for 2013-14 by Tuesday November 12

You, yes you – classified staff and faculty – are encouraged to apply for a Focused Inquiry Group or Action Plan Project through BCC’s Teaching and Learning Center this academic year. Let’s work together to solve problems, build community, and increase student success!
Please note: This year’s projects will run from November to May instead of the previous years, when work was completed during the semester. This will be a great opportunity: teams can conduct inquiry or try out a new action plan on fall and then spring students, and we will convene in April (tentatively April 25) 2014 at the Inquiry to Action Symposium to share our work. 

Also, please note that a limited number of stipends are available for FIGs and APPLEs this year through a 

dedicated portion of Professional Development funds and various grants. Leaders may receive a stipend of up to $400 and other participants $300, paid in May or June, after the final reports are received. Priority for stipends will be determined by the 9 voting members of the Professional Development Committee, according to these criteria:

  1. people working on projects that clearly meet the criteria for FIGs and APPLEs (see links below)
  2. part-time faculty and classified staff (priority for stipends over contract faculty)
  3. new participants in TLC Collaborative Project
  4. new participants in  FIGs/APPLEs


To learn more, click these links:
FIGs at the TLC:
FIG Application 2013-14:
APPLE Application 2013-14:
A very-much under-construction searchable table of past FIGs and APPLEs:
If you have an idea for a project but don’t know which category it would best fit in, please pick a form and submit it, and we’ll discuss.
Please email me with any questions.
Gabe Winer
Teaching & Learning Center Coordinator
bcctlc@peralta.edu (for the Teaching & Learning Center)

Flex Day 2013 – DARTtastic!

We were thrilled to offer eight DARTs on Flex Day in January.  Here are the fantastic offerings facilitated by and for the BCC community.

  • Herding CATs: Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • Writing Assignments that Set Students Up for Success
  • Supporting Students with Disabilities
  • Tools for Classified Staff
  • Using Writing STEM Classes to Improve Problem-Solving
  • SMART CLASSROOM: Tools to Increase Access, Engagement and Equity
  • Introduction to Reading Apprenticeship
  • Introduction to Turnitin.com

Are you interested in attending or facilitating a DART?  Please visit our DART webpage – you can find the link on the left side of your screen.