FELI – Five-Day Experiential Learning Institute


The FELI is a five-day transformative learning experience that mirrors our PERSIST Program’s Foundations Course, which kicks off the beginning of each college bridge semester. Teachers, counselors and administrators experience an essential component of the program as an educationally disadvantaged student does.


Using curriculum developed by the nationally renowned Academy for College Excellence, we will identify and explore:

  • Leadership and Learning Styles of ourselves and others
  • Positive Team Building
  • Listening techniques toward effective communication
  • Reflection toward self-management of behaviors
  • Faculty-specific discussion about teaching and learning in the evolving classroom



This link to the Academy for College Excellence (ACE) website provides more on this game-changing experience:



Who this may benefit most:

All faculty, staff and administrators who work with basic skills students, especially in key “gateway” classes, and who understand that managing life experiences (students and our own) makes the biggest difference in just educational access.


Questions? Contact Chris Lebo-Planas at aleboplanas@peralta.edu



Effective and Ethical Survey Methods

Here is a video (in two parts) that discusses strategies for creating surveys.

If you plan on doing a FIG and/or using a survey with your students,  this video can help you create the most effective survey to get the information you need while respecting the time and privacy of your respondents.

2011 bcctlc surveymethods part1

2011 bcctlc surveymethods part2