Fall10 FIG-9 Student Response to Proposed ESL Curriculum Changes

Area: ESL


Ellen Rosenfield
Patricia Seery
Cara Statucki
James Seger

Research Question:

What are student responses to proposed changes in our ESL program curriculum?


  1. Will not add a unit to ESL writing classes. While immigrant students supported the proposed increase in units in writing classes, international students were strongly against such a change;
  2. Since ESL students often take (and benefit from) courses throughout the disciplines, the ESL department should exercise caution before adding units to ESL courses;
  3. Consider offering 4-unit grammar and speaking courses (rather than 5 unit courses);
  4. Offer a variety of 2-unit elective courses that focus on specific topics;
  5. When possible, course offerings should reflect the needs of the ESL student population, which may mean using a different approach than other ESL departments in PCCD.

Final Report:



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