Out-of-State Travel

How to Apply for Out-of-State Activities including Travel


The Professional Development Committee can fund a maximum of $1000 for out-of-state travel.

Please note that there is a travel ban on state-funded and state-sponsored travel to these states: https://oag.ca.gov/ab1887


To apply for travel OUTSIDE California anytime ON OR AFTER this date: If all 3 completed —
1) Travel Request Form
2) Documentation
3) Common Application
by this date:
Requests will be considered at this PD Meeting:
Monday October 22, 2018 Monday September 10, 2018 Wednesday September 12, 2018
Monday November 19, 2018 Monday October 8, 2018 Wednesday October 10, 2018
Monday January 7, 2019 Monday November 12, 2018 Wednesday November 14, 2018
Monday January 21, 2019 Monday December 10, 2018 Wednesday December 12, 2018
Monday March 25, 2019 Monday February 11, 2019 Wednesday February 13, 2019
Monday April 22, 2019 Monday March 11, 2019 Wednesday March 13, 2019
Monday May 20, 2019 Monday April 8, 2019 Wednesday April 10, 2019
Monday June 17, 2019 Monday May 6, 2019 Wednesday May 8, 2019


The Process:

There are 3 parts to the travel claim/request process through the PD Committee.

  1. Fill out the Common Application for Professional Development Funds. This will be sent to the PD Committee for a vote.
  2. Fill out the Travel Request form, with associated documentation. This must be approved by the Chancellor a minimum of a month before you travel. If you are going out of state, your request must be additionally approved before an open Board of Trustees meeting, and put on the agenda well before the monthly meeting. Please work with TBD to complete the Part 1: Request and your collection of supporting documents before you even do the Common Application.
  3. Fill out the district’s vendor application form if you have never filled one out before.
  4. After your travel is complete, fill out the Travel Claim form, with associated receipts in order to be reimbursed.

Click here to see the Flow Chart of Travel Requisition Processing for a visual overview.


Detailed Steps:

  1. Complete the Common Application for Professional Development Funds. The PD Committee will review requests received on time at each meeting. You are more than welcome to come in person to the meeting to answer any questions that come up, but this is not required. The Professional Development Chair will email you within two days after the meeting to let you know whether you were approved, and if so, for how much. Please follow up with TBD from that point.
  2. Please click this link to open the Travel Request and Claim excel form: The actual forms are 2 tabs of an Excel document that you can’t complete by yourself unless you have access to the budget codes. Each of the parts must be completed electronically, sent to TBD, printed out, and then sent through several signatures, on paper, to the district and back, in a packet with all the documents, in order to be approved:

    2019 Travel Form

    Complete it to the best of your abilities. Save it with your name in the file, and send it to TBD, who can advise you on any points of confusion. Before traveling, open this link to read instructions for receipts and travel claim. 

  3. Download and fill out the district’s vendor application form if you have never filled one out before. You only need to fill out pages 2 and 11. Email it to TBD.
  4. Print out copies of the following with relevant dates/amounts highlighted, and bring to TBD in person in the 1st floor business office, or leave in her mailbox:
    • conference agenda
    • registration and/or membership fee information
    • hotel cost information (OK if you didn’t pay for it yet)
    • if driving, google map showing mileage, from closest of your home or BCC, to the conference location
    • if flying, printout of flight reservation with costs (OK if you didn’t pay for it yet)
    • if renting a car, the reservation page with amounts
    • if BARTing, the 511 trip planner printout
    • if shuttling/taxiing, printout of estimate: http://www.taxifarefinder.com/
    • if parking, printout of rates
    • documentation of any other estimated costs

    Note to anyone who is asking for partial reimbursement for certain costs or up to a certain amount- please submit all these things even if you are not asking the district to pay for all of them – e.g. if they are only paying for registration and  lodging, you still need to show the flight, etc.

    Note to anyone going out of state: you might want to put a non-personal phone # and email on the request form, because a PDF of it will be posted publicly on the Internet when it goes to the board of trustees meeting for approval.

    TBD will correct your travel request form if necessary, add the appropriate budget codes, print it, have you sign it, check your other documents, and bring it to the Professional Development meeting.

  5. The Travel Claim form, with associated receipts, is completed after you return, and sent through several signatures. It must be submitted with original receipts within 2 weeks of your return.