How To Apply for Funding

Dear staff, part-time and full-time faculty:

Thank you for your interest in furthering your own professional development and contributing to the continuing improvement of our school. The Professional Development Committee meets monthly to review requests. Classified and other staff: please note that PFT funding by contract is limited to faculty; however, there may be grant or other funding available without that restriction, so please apply!


What is Funded

Depending on funds available and requests received, professional development funds may be awarded for the following:

  • collaborative projects
  • courses
  • in-house training
  • webinars
  • books, materials, supplies, software
  • memberships, subscriptions
  • retreats
  • conference registration, travel, registration, hotel accommodations, meals, and other related expenses


How to Apply

Detailed information on how to apply is based upon the type of travel and funding. Please visit the appropriate page below:


Anything you do off-site, if you’d like the district to reimburse registration, even if you’re not asking for the transportation costs, this all counts as “travel.” Examples: registration for a seminar at UC Berkeley counts as “travel.” Request for reimbursement for conference registration anywhere that is not inside the BCC building or online, even if you are paying for the actual traveling out of pocket, counts as “travel,” and must follow the entire In-State Travel procedure.


The Professional Development Committee meets monthly to consider PD requests, so please submit your requests on time!